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May 16, 2011

The Productivity Of Peace

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"The most productive state of being is peace.  Peace has nothing to do with lethargy or lack of involvement.  True peace is a very vibrant state.  It's alive with potential and the expectation of great things to come."
~ Deepak Chopra
The most productive state of being is peace.
SunsetIt's not the typical notion we have in America about productivity - or of peacefulness for that matter.  We equate productivity with incessant goal-setting, frenetic action, hyper-focus, multi-tasking, and hard, hard work.  We equate peace with a slow pace, quiet moments, low energy, meditation, and vacations.  The idea that peacefulness is the most productive of all states is counterintuitive to most of us.
And yet, it has been my very experience of late.
I'm working less and making more.  And when I am working, I love it more than ever.  I prepare less than I ever have but I'm more effective, relaxed, aware, present, and focused when I'm there.  I'm having more fun, laughing more, and practically giggling when I drop into bed at night.  And I can't seem to stop the flow of exciting ideas for ways to expand, leverage, improve, or shift my business.   Yep.  Call me Ms. Dali Lama.  I hope the lady sitting next to me on the plane doesn't mind if I put my thumbs and forefingers together, close my eyes, and starting 'Om'-ing right about now.
Peace is the most productive state of being.
I interpret Dr. Chopra's quote to mean that being at peace is a state of complete faith in the available abundance, goodness, and perfection in our present and our future.  It is a place of deep knowing:  that all is well, creativity abounds, resources are unlimited, answers exist for every question, dilemmas are the perfect catalyst for stretching our understanding and expanding our potential.  It is a rested, rooted, and immensely satisfying place where we are constantly and infallibly called to that which pleases us.  It is a giddy feeling of excitement about what continues to show up in our experience at an ever-increasing speed when we let go of the ways we thought it had to be or what others might think.  It is the allowance of our own internal navigation system to guide us toward the work that doesn't feel hard, obligatory, or like work at all.  Not panicky or demanding but positively vibrating; not frantically focused on many things but lovingly focused on the beauty of the task at hand.
lionessAll I have is my own experience to share with you.  And it has not always been so but I'm more at peace right now than I've ever been in my life ... and more productive as well.  I say this not to brag but to embolden you to the fact that it can be so for every one of us.  I'm alive with possibility and 100% expectant of the good things headed my way.  I find this easy to do when I remember I'm okay, and will be okay, no matter how an idea (or job, or client, or new employee, or....) turns out.  There's a steadiness in knowing that if I make a wrong turn, I'll turn another way; if I mess up, I'll try something else;  if I don't know the answer or have a resource, someone will.  Really believing this deep within creates an eagerness to go to work.  It keeps the floodgates of potential wide open and good things flowing both in and out of my business at an ever-increasing speed and to a wider and wider audience.
We can't get it wrong, everything serves, the timing is always perfect... and there's always enough.
Peace and productivity.  Vibrant.  Alive.  Engaged.  Secure. Expectant.
This week, in your work and in your life, I wish you a very deep and productive peace.
Altogether now:   Ommmm.
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"There is no way to peace, peace is the way."

~ A.J. Muste  

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