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February 7, 2011


Getting More of What You DO Want


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What we focus on mentally causes us to notice more of it within our current circumstances or environment (even if it was already there anyway.)  For example, if I decide I love white Mercedes sedans... I start to notice them everywhere!  This simple, yet profound concept can bring more of what you want (and less of what you don't want) into your life.


It's simply this:  Focusing on what you like brings more of it.


thoughtsEvery time you experience something in your life you do not enjoy, don't like, push away from, are disappointed by, frustrates you, etc., you are actually creating a great moment of "clarifying contrast" for yourself.  In other words, what you don't want helps you redefine more clearly what you do want.  And, if what we mentally focus upon seems to show up more in our life, it only makes sense that we would flip those thoughts on their head!


So, this week, as you experience those things, people, events, personal tendencies that you do not enjoy, internally say to yourself, "I don't want / like this.  So therefore, what I do want / like instead is..."  Continue to put your attention on that which you do want more of and do enjoy.  It is my personal guarantee that you will notice more of it very quickly coming into your life experience.


Using this concept, "I don't like feeling unappreciated" becomes, "I love being around people who make me feel appreciated."  "I hate being broke" becomes "I love making enough money to buy the things I want."  "I hate being fat" becomes "I love it when I feel healthy and fit."  These become the recurring thoughts that get and sustain my attention... over and over and over.


In my life, this has worked like a giant magnet.  Who knows if it is because of some strange energetic, cosmic law of a benevolent Universe or whether it is just because I now focus my internal lens on those people who exhibit those characteristics who were always around me or would already have come into my life.  And, if it works, do we really care why or how?


If the simple effort of reversing a sentence over and over in my head helps me find more of what I want in my work experience and my personal life, count me in!  


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"There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way."
~ Christopher Morley 


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lioness layingAffirmation:

Noticing what I don't want or like is a gift and helps me define more clearly what I do want and enjoy.  I choose every day to focus my energy on that which I do want more of.   


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with Pilates Instructor, author, speaker, & educator,
Juli Kagan. 
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