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January 24, 2011


Which Came First?  The Chicken or the Egg-Citement?


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Jon Gordon, recently said in his weekly newsletter:  "We often think that we'll get excited about life when we have a life that is exciting but actually it works just the opposite.  When we get excited about life, we get a life that is exciting."  I know this has proven true in my own life and business. 


chicken eggWhen we get excited about our business, we get a business that's exciting.


When we get excited about our job, we get a job that's exciting.


When we get excited about our relationship, we get an exciting relationship.


When we get excited about our future, we create a future that's exciting. 



Last week, I implored you not to wait to be phenomenal but rather to be phenomenal NOW.  This week, I'm asking you not to wait to get excited about your life, your job, your future because you cannot invite into or hold anything you really want in your experience for which you are not already an emotional match.  We already know intuitively that how we are feeling is our point of attraction for the people, the clients, the relationships, and the opportunities we seek.  So we must already be feeling good to recognize (and be recognized by) the good things we want.  We must already be feeling excited to create an exciting experience.


I can only share with you my personal belief based on my personal experience.  My experience has taught me that the more you pull yourself away from worry, envy, judgment, and insecurity and continually and consistently bring yourself back into that feeling of being excited about your own life, the more abundantly and quickly what you really want flows to you.


I'm excited about how profitable, gratifying, and exciting this week, this year, and this future will be.  From wherever you are in your life, as you look forward to a new week, a new year and the future you've always wanted... I hope you are, too.


And I have no doubt at all, it will be. 



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"Dreams get you into the future and add excitement to the present."
~ Robert Conklin 


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lioness layingAffirmation:

I'm excited ... in anticipation of the exciting future of my own making!


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 JK Back Stretches
with Pilates Instructor, author, speaker, & educator,
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This Week's Video:  Back Stretches 

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