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January 17, 2011


Being Phenomenal


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Do you ever have days where you wished your life was different?  It's good and right for us to continue to wish for better in our lives.  It's what keeps us moving forward, stretching and becoming more of who we were meant to be.


excellenceBut if this morning you got up and went to the old job, with the same people, and will return to the same life you left... then personally own that current choice and don't wait for your next chapter to begin being phenomenal.  While you may love the next job (or person or city) better, they'll come with their own challenges none-the-less.  Right now is the time to hone those skills.


Becoming a fully alive, passionate human being of excellence is a habit - not a stroke of luck or genius - and doesn't just "come upon you" when you land in the perfect circumstance.  This may very well be a stepping stone to something greater in your life but you are here today, not there.  So, be here.


For as long as you make the choice to stay where you are... show up fully, throw yourself into your work 100%, bring all your focus and attention to being a phenomenal employer/employee.  Be "in service" to every customer, patient, student, or team member and treat them with an uplifted attitude, genuine smile, and your most excellent service or level of skill.  We build the skill of showing up as an excellent human being every day in all our interactions... not just when we find ourselves in the perfect conditions.


Don't wait.  Be phenomenal now.  



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""Things turn out best for the people who make the best out of the way things turn out."

 ~ Art Linkletter


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lioness layingAffirmation:

I show up with phenomenal attitude and a great passion to learn and grow every day and give my absolute best to everyone with whom I interact, in service to them as well as myself.  



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best back exercisesSTRETCH...
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