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October 18, 2010

Stop It and Just Do It... Differently
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If you've been a Lion's Den member for a while and have been following the collective growth of our online community through these Monday Morning Stretches, you also know that I've dropped a few pounds, 40 of them to be exact, over the last year.  Correction... make that 33.  Yep, when I wasn't watching and was still talking about the lessons learned,  a very sneaky and shall I say, pesky 7 pounds found their way back home to me.  Hmmmm.

stopI'm committed to never going back to that lifestyle or state of unhealthfulness.  However, I have a nasty little habit: I procrastinate things I don't enjoy and projects I'm not totally clear about or which will take some massive creative and mental power to develop.  I tell myself that I'll just get all the "little" things done and checked off my always-lengthy to-do list and then sit down and begin the "big" one.

When it comes to physical exercise, I love to hike my favorite trails around my house but when weather is inclement or I have to hit the treadmill... not my favorite and therefore pushed into last place.  I have every intention of getting to it but the phone rings, the emails grow, the list expands, the clock ticks and the ridiculous mind game begins between my ears:  "Tomorrow I'll definitely do it."  "I've got plenty of time."  "That deadline's probably flexible."  "My jeans still zip."

Well, I'm nothing if not honest with myself these days and this program just wasn't working.  Sliding in sideways for events, up at midnight still preparing for my work, not being known for my responsiveness and attention to detail and service, never getting projects off the ground, and gaining back 7 pounds were not the results I wanted.  We all know the classic definition of insanity:  Keep doing what you're doing and expect a different result.  If not insane, my life was starting to look a little unstable.

Ever see the Bob Newhart episode where the woman tells him all the neurotic, painful things she does and Bob's professional, therapeutic response is, "Stop it.  Just stop it."   Taking a message from that still hilarious skit and a tagline from Nike, I decided on a new motto:  Stop it and Just Do It... Differently.

time for changeI decided to turn my computer off at night and not turn it back on until my workout and meditation was completed in the morning.  When I did turn the computer on, I would check my Facebook account along with my emails and, after a quick review and posting, Facebook would be turned off to be checked again at the end of the day.  I created a block schedule for myself with dedicated time for working on projects, upcoming client trainings and improving my speeches.  I'm thinking I may not be completely crazy after all.

This week, if you're wanting something different than you have been getting... Stop it.  And Just Do It... Differently.  Don't keep doing the same things you're doing that get in the way of what you want in your life.  Change it up.  Mix it up.  Try something new.  You can always go back to the way you're doing things right now.  If we don't recognize the conscious and unconscious behaviors as well as the silly mental games we play in our heads that sabotage our true desires, intentions, and ultimately, results... we never find that sweet spot where it all works... where we conquer... where we get everything we want.

You can have everything you want.  If you don't yet have it:  Stop it.  And just do it... Differently.

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lioness layingAffirmation:
When I notice habits that keep me from achieving the results I say I want, I have the power and will to stop it, and just do it... differently


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JK navel in and up
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