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May 24, 2010
The Fun of the Fight  (or... The Gift of Conflict?)
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Every time we face conflict... it's a generous gift.  No exceptions.  We may not accept the gift but it is there for the taking, nonetheless.  There is growth here for us that is available no other way but through conflict.  In addition, every time we approach conflict from a bigger perspective ... we model a better way ... as a reminder to ourselves and as an example of a better alternative to the world.
one way signageConflict arises as our ego and intellect try to protect us.  Without that need, there is no conflict.  Conflict can only exist when two people resist the other's point of view, argue their truths, are attached to a particular outcome or process, and assume the ill-intent of others.
The trick to uncovering the gift of conflict is to recognize this and, upon sensing it, shift into the alternative awareness and the higher frequency of our bigger self.  The self that doesn't try to defend, only learn; that doesn't accuse, only tries to understand.  The one that starts from the assumption that everyone is good at their core and believes we all really want the same things.  The one that isn't attached to one particular outcome but is always open to a broader, more creative and mutually-satisfying solution, if possible.
Conflict is the stage on which we can practice these skills and learn to tap into our bigger selves more quickly and sure-footedly with each episode.  It reminds us that love really is the "Universal Solvent" and forgiveness (of others and ourselves) really is the medicine that cures.
The next time you find yourself in conflict:  Breathe, find your center, see and speak only to the goodness in others, resolve to remain open, listen only to seek true understanding, speak your truth with compassion.
One by one we can make our world a better place.... One conflict at a time.   

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"In a controversy, the instant we feel anger we have already ceased 
 striving for the truth and have begun striving for ourselves."
~ Buddha   

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lioness layingAffirmation:
When faced with conflict, I will operate from my higher self and I will cherish the gift of growth in each interaction. 

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