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Mar 8, 2010
Our Dear Old Friend, Frustration 
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I've been insanely frustrated this week.  I wrote the best vision for my personal and professional life ever the first week of January ... and on March 6th, I'm still spinning in place!  Still doing exactly what I was determined to stop doing: Living a life of reaction instead of pro-action.  Still spending the majority of my days putting out fires and trying to catch up so I can actually take a step in the new direction I want to go.  I'm tired of doing it.  I want to do it differently.  I'm tired of this story in my life.  ARGGGGG!

Sound familiar?  I know it does because so many of you have shared with me the exact same feelings. 

Then on one of my daily walks last week, I listened to Dr. Sue Morter's January Monthly Message podcast (finally got to that by March!) where she reminds us that our frustration is our friend.  It is our frustration and discomfort which, as it reaches a level we can no longer ignore, causes us to look for different ways, new tools, truer answers

Befriend your frustrations.  They are the instinctive nudge that there is something better waiting for you.  It will ultimately be that very frustration that will bring the new insight and hand you the energy, courage, and dogged determination to step out, look up, and choose differently. 

Ahhhhh.  Thank goodness for my heightened frustration... my sure sign that relief (change) is finally on its way. 

Thanks, Dr. Sue.

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"We should be the best, most powerful version of ourselves."
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When I feel frustrated, I remember it is a gift of instinctive knowledge and I already have everything I need to ease the discomfort and go a different way.

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