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New Hampshire Legislative Update!


New Hampshire has introduced three bills that will directly impact the professional beauty industry. Please review the following three bills:


 HB1265 establishes criteria for the regulation of occupations and professions by boards and commissions as authorized by law, and provides that an individual may engage in a legal occupation (such as cosmetology) without being subject to laws that regulate the occupation or profession which are arbitrary, unnecessary, or substantially burdensome.

BILL SPONSORS: Representatives Spec Bowers, Joshua Davenport, Seth Cohn, and George Lambert.


HB1431 repeals the requirements of high school education and hours of training or apprenticeship required for obtaining a barber license, leaving as requirements only good professional character, passage of an examination, and paying the license fee.

BILL SPONSORS: Representatives Spec Bowers, Tammy Simmons, Peter Hansen, Jason Antosz, Michael Reed, Donald LeBrun, and Kyle Tasker.


HB1538 prohibits the board of barbering, cosmetology, and esthetics from adopting a rule prohibiting certain innovative cosmetic or esthetic treatments.

BILL SPONSORS: Representatives Andrew Manuse, Steve Vaillancourt, Lenette Peterson, Spec Bowers.


All three bills are currently in the House Executive Departments and Administration 



Licensed professionals, business owners, distributors, and manufacturers maintain a high standard of professionalism and legitimacy through education, best practices, health and safety, and complying with regulations that protect the industry as well as the consumer.  These bills do not support our industry or our professional goals. 


Please click here to sign on to our letter opposing HB1265, HB1431, and HB1538. 



If you live outside of New Hampshire you may send a letter to the committee members directly, emails are below.   


New Hampshire - House Executive Departments and Administration Committee

Chairman: Carol McGuire(r)                   

Vice Chairman: Kenneth Hawkins(r)      

Clerk: Carol Vita(r)                                 

Members of the Committee:

John Sytek (r)                                          

Russell Day (r)                                        

Calvin Pratt (r)                                       

Lawrence Perkins (r)                              

Steven Winter (r)                                    

Spec Bowers (r)                                      

Paul Brown (r)                                         

Peter Hansen (r)                                     

Mark Proulx (r)                                        

Randall Whitehead (r)                           

Peter Schmidt (d)                                   

Maurice Pilotte (d)                                 

Jean Jeudy (d)                                          

Daniel Sullivan (d)                                    


(r) Republican

(d) Democrat




Susanne S. Warfield - Executive Director
National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/Distributors & Associations