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December 2011 Resources

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World Mission of Parish Nurses

Many of you met Shahzad Gill from Pakistan at either the Westberg Symposium or the Kansas Parish Nurse Conference.  Shahzad spent 2 weeks visiting in the home of JoVeta Wescott in Wichita, Kansas.  Why Wichita?  Only God would put the two of them together in something this BIG.   God has called them together to begin a special mission to first help the people of Pakistan and then the world.  A lot of prayer and listening preceded this announcement.

"And he said to them "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation."   Mark 16:15

Mission statement:  To serve God by using the skills He has given to us as gift to proclaim the gospel to the world. 

Goal:  Teach, preach and heal through wholistic health.  

One of the first and biggest needs that Shahzad had was for an ambulance for the Westberg Health Clinic.  He is able to purchase a used ambulance for $1500.  His brother is an auto mechanic who will share his gifts to keep it in tip top condition.  While he was in Wichita we were able to raise money to send him home with funds to purchase the ambulance --- our gift to him and his community.  

We are asking each of you to join us in providing other pressing needs as this Christian community moves forward.  We are asking that each of you make a commitment to send $1.00 per month every month.  That isn't even a cup of coffee a day in America.  However, in Pakistan and other countries it can make a big difference.  Help us make a difference!   All funds will be channeled through the Kansas Parish Nurse Ministry, Inc. (KPNM).  All donations are tax deductible.   

Pakistan has less than 3% Christians.  This is important work that we are being called to do.  We believe we can make a difference but we need help from each of you - each of your congregations - each parish nurse worldwide.  God is working .... And it is exciting!   

Currently Shahzad is the only parish nurse in Pakistan.  This will change in 2012.  There are 30 nurses waiting to experience the Foundation of Parish Nursing Course.  A multi-faceted team is being formed to assist Shahzad and JoVeta in this work that God has called them to do.  Please pray for Pakistan and the World Mission of Parish Nurses. 

To be continued .....

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December 2011 Resources