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If your children are not in school yet, they will be soon and life again will change rhythms. It is a stressful time and yet filled with a certain excitement..  Bedtime will be earlier for some. I hope the transition is smooth for all!


KPNM Conference


Dr. Robt. Wicks is one of today's leading writers on the intersection of spirituality and psychology.  He continues to build on the legacy of Henri Nouwen and Thomas Merton.  He has written over 40 books for professionals and the general public.  His books make my spiritual journey doable and I feel like I have a companion right beside me all the time.  He is one of my all time favorite spiritual writers.  Bob teaches at Loyola University in Maryland.  


Also, joining us for our final conference is our long time friend Faith Roberts.  Faith is knowledgeable, funny and always on target.  She is very involved in parish nursing in her community of Champagne-Urbana, IL.  


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September 2011 Resources 


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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (NIMH) 


Survivors of Suicide Handbook