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August 2011 Resources


A reminder about the Last KPNM Conference...


Mike Yankoski is returning to our conference this year.  Mike is one of the gutsiest Christians I've ever known.  He practices hard Christianity and challenges us to LIVE our faith, not just talk about it.  He went from upper middle class to hanging out with alcoholics, drug addicts, and mental cases --- street people.  Read his book Under the Overpass and whet your appetite for hearing his stories.  Make sure October 12th and 13th are circled on your calendar!  


JoVeta Wescott

Executive Director, Kansas Parish Nurse Ministry, Inc. 


"If I turn up the music of busyness, I will miss the whispers of God."  -Dale Hansen Bourke



Janet Barton


P.S.  Please also note my (Janet) NEW email address.  In the future, please direct all of your email correspondence to  Thank you!  



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August 2011 Resources


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Article - Thyroid Primer


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Guide to Spiritual Practice/Walking Practice


How to Feel Good About Yourself


Small Church Vocation