September 2010 Resources

It is hard to believe that Labor Day will soon be here. In the summer, it seems like things slow down a bit with the ministries, because people are on vacations and the children are home.
In September and October, many of the conferences and symposiums take place so they do not interfere with the holidays, and they do not have the problem of winter weather.
During this period you might notice that the "Resources" will not be extensive.  I do want to  tell those of you who live anywhere near to Kansas or have frequent flyer miles to think about coming to the KPNM Conference. It is always wonderful and spiritual. I feel like I have been to a retreat when I leave. You will be so glad you did. It is the 3rd week in Oct. (13 & 14)  in Wichita, KS.  For more information contact
Preach health and heat. Every day I hear of those who are victims of heat. There are many of the poor who do not have the luxury of air-conditioning. If you have extra fans, donate them. Offer cold drinks to people who work outside...
Did not mean to stand behind the pulpit  :o)
Peace+ Janet Barton

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