Thanksgiving is almost here and my mind wanders to pumpkin pie and the delights that await... I must be hungry if that is what came to me for an opening to this email!  :o)
We have some new members, so I thought I should explain the Resource List and how it is meant to help you.
These are my ideas, but however it works for you is great. What I have tried to do is provide some facts and information of interest for newsletters, classes, or campaigns. The links are actually for later use unless there is something you wanted to know. If it is electronically filed (topically), it will be available when needed to help a congregant. That is the reason I try to include things like caregiving and finances, etc.
I know that a Health Ministry is often a volunteer position and many work in full time positions elsewhere. This is just a tool to make your life easier, so that rather than researching information for congregants, you can pull up a file. That way, you can spend more time with the people you serve, and that is what it is all about.
Educational items for the classroom are included, as we have some teachers with us, and the rest are things of interest (at least to me).
We have also created an archive of past resource emails on our website.  You can download any of the information here:
Hope you enjoy the Holiday, and and I hope you have much to give thanks for!
Janet Barton

Click Each Link Below to Download the Information
Note:  The resources are sent to you in Microsoft Word format.  If you do not have that program on your computer, you can download for free (and without adware or spyware) a similar program that will allow you to access the files in our monthly resources at