May 2009 Resources 

I hope you are all weathering the changes we are experiencing.  There are more challenges in our ministries. The need for health and wellness ministers will be more important now than ever before. The stress, pressures, and fear of our congregants is increasing. Just yesterday, a man told me how his small business struggled through the last month. I believe that our role as advocates and as a support will increase. We will need to find resources for those who are hurting.

 There is a nurse in our email group who told me something that they do. When congregants are going through a difficult time - regardless of the nature of the problem - they are given a stone, A bowl of these stones are on her desk with a cross planted in the center. The stones have been prayed over by the ministers of the church. The stones are representative of the suffering members of the congregation. When things get especially bad, the congregant can take hold of that stone and know that they are supported in prayer. It is a size that can be carried in their pocket.

What a appropriate time for Blessing of the Hands...

Blessing of the Hands

"May the work of your hands bring healing
to all the people you touch.
"May the God who formed these hands
guide them to bring the healing touch of life
and bless these hands to be instruments of healing.
"Blessings and appreciation for the many tasks
these hands do."

 Nurses' Hands

Blessed be these hands that have touched life.
Blessed be these hands that have felt pain.
Blessed be these hands that have embraced with compassion.
Blessed be these hands that have been clinched with anger or withdrawn in fear. Blessed be these hands that have drawn blood and administered medicine.
Blessed be these hands that have cleaned beds and disposed of wastes.
Blessed be these hands that have anointed the sick and offered blessings.
Blessed be these hands that grow stiff with age.
Blessed be these hands that have comforted the dying and held the dead.
Blessed be these hands, we hold the future in these hands.
Blessed be our hands for they are the work of Your hands, O Holy One.
Use these "Blessing of the Hands" resources in planning your service:
An Order for Anointing of Hands for Parish Nurses and Health Ministers
While this service resource is designed for use during National Nurses Week and to honor nurses, these services may be held at any time during the year and with slight changes in terms can be used to include health care providers of all types.    (Source: National Health Ministries)
May God hold each of you in the palm of His hand!

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