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July 2012
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Weight Loss
It's probably been everyone's New Years resolution at least once, you can't go one day without being advertised to in some media-type format, and if you ask your group of friends, most have tried a diet at least once in their life: Losing Weight... It's on most people's agenda. Americans spend around $40 billion a year on weight loss related products, which of course, most are useless with all the weight returning within a year. Starvation, (caloric restriction), only lasts so long, and adding to the confusion are
books, diet centers, fitness magazines, pills, and even personal trainers! For the past 50 years we have been told by diet centers, magazines, nutritionists, and so called health experts that in order to lose weight you have to cut calories and exercise sixty minutes a day. Obviously they are wrong because our population is heavier than ever.  


Here's why they're wrong and what they've been missing: 

Ignore Diets. Almost everyone who buys in to the 'restrict your calories' speech or engages in the 'Eat whole grains, got milk, low- fat diet'  gimmicks, gains the weight back within the year.

Whole Grains are not healthy. Grains are completely inferior to vegetables and fruit
in every single way...dump 'em.

It's about portion control, not counting calories.

Low fat diet foods are usually filled with sugars instead

Low carb diet foods are usually filled with fake sugars and chemicals.

Fat is good. There is no correlation between fat in food and high

Healthy fats are the body's preferred source of fuel
- Resistance Training (weight training) IS Cardio and far more effective in burning off excessive stored fat than those dumb machines.

Recently, I put together a simple list of  weight loss tactics up on my website, but here's elaboration on a few key points. 

Key Point #1: It's not about weight
Optimal body composition is about losing unwanted bodyfat and getting the right amount of muscle mass. The scale does not tell the entire story since muscle weighs three times more than fat. Being a slave to the scale creates more anxiety than your children wanting to move back home. Stay off the scale! 

Key Point #2: Eat the right foods 
All calories are not created equal and this article on  Eating Right delves into making the right food decisions.

Key Point #3: Don't exercise the same way  
If you think heading to the gym every day is going to ensure that you lose weight, think again. Eating is 90% of the battle and Exercising Efficiently is the rest.

Key Point #4: Get a % Bodyfat reading 
A percentage of body fat is a far more accurate measure of your current body composition that weight alone. Muscle weighs three times what fat does in the same amount of space. Another reason the scale does not depict the true story. Understand more about %BF in this article.

Key Point #5: It really is easy 
Be patient, change up your exercise routine, dump the junk from your diet...especially grains, be patient, and consistent.



Green Tea

I'm sure you've heard one or two of the health benefits of green tea: lowers cholesterol, lower caffeine than coffee, maybe even anti-cancer properties. Those three are true, but beyond that, it is great tasting, and in fact, if you purchase from the right supplier, the diversity of breeds and tastes can be similar to wine. 

I have been ordering from a company called  HIBIKI-AN for ten years now whose reliability, consistency, customer service, and of course tea quality is second to none on the planet. They grow, harvest, age, process, and ship directly from their farms in Kyoto Japan.


The Health Benefits

The fresh green site and smell of a quality green tea brings a lot of health benefits to the table:




Shiny Fruits & Vegetablesfruit

I'm sure it has crossed your mind wandering into the produce section of your local grocery store: How do they get the fruits and vegetables so shiny? Even in the middle of winter or off-season, the apples, cucumbers, and bell peppers look perfect. How do they do that? It's common sense that we have a lot of people to feed and the majority do not have a garden or orchard in their back yard.  It also makes sense that many fruits and vegetables are not grown in the area you live, so they must be transported across the country, or from another continent, to arrive safely and edible. And, most people want a wide selection of fresh fruit and vegetables year round. Fruits and vegetables naturally produce their own wax to protect and ward off pests, but once they are washed at the point of harvest, man's intervention with spray-on preservatives, namely waxes, are essential to transport and protect them until they reach market. The question is though, are these wax concoctions food producers use safe for human consumption?


Wax on ...Wax off    

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Outstanding athletes like Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray are broadcasting the benefits of being Gluten Free eaters and definitely creating a buzz. Many actors, news personalities, and even the guy next door are following suit and reaping the benefits. Allergies disappear, no more cramping, bloating, fatigue, wrinkles, and arthritis all seem to be a thing of the past. No longer confined to those who have serious food allergies, Celiac disease and Crohn's, everyday people are now discovering the benefits of eliminating wheat from their diet. Giving up bread products made from gluten-containing grains like wheat and rye is one step, a BIG step, but oats, corn, barley, and rice are also considered grains coming with their own host of problems. Although wheat is by far the worst offender, and the most often consumed, giving up ALL grains in favor of a meat, vegetable, and fruit diet is one key to a healthy body that functions flawlessly.

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Breakfast Redefined
By blending a shake with STRUCTURE and adding other quality ingredients, you can be confident in knowing that you are making a significant contribution to your overall health and determination to eat healthy.

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High acid creating foods like grains increase the body's pH
, so to neutralize the acidity and maintain an alkaline environment, calcium is pulled from bone.

Can you say the real cause of Osteoporosis? 
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