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May 2012
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Systemic Inflammation
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Challenging Conventional Thought
When I am approached and asked about exercise, health, and eating recommendations, I usually keep it simple and mention two things: 'Exercise Consistently and Eat Right.' If the conversation continues,
I mention that I avoid grains and cardio machines. Undoubtedly, this elicits two responses: 'You don't leave anything to eat!', and 'What do you do for Cardio then?' Explaining that between lean meats, vegetables, fruit, eggs, nuts, and oils, there are unlimited combinations of meals, and 'Cardio' does not mean having to go to a gym and chain yourself to the elliptical trainer. Long walks, jump rope, and sprints achieve superior results, not to mention that resistance training is cardio. 

Explaining to people that Paleo is more than diet but rather a lifestyle of the right food choices and staying active is pretty easy. Convincing them that we are not meant to eat grains is like calling Ronald Reagan a communist. (to borrow a quote from William Davis, MD...more quotes from his book Wheat Belly HERE)

Why is that? Why are grains so ingrained in our culture that the very mention of avoiding bread is sacrilegious?  'They say whole grains are healthy for you,' is often heard. Who are 'They' anyway?

In recommending whole grains, dairy products, and beans, are the medical community, government, and diet center really in a conspiracy to ruin your health? If these three food groups
which occupy almost 80% of today's human diet are indeed so healthy, then why do we have the world's worst weight problem and a massive public health dilemma where 65% of people overweight, 35% obese, and prescription drug use and disease/conditions like Diabetes, Chron's, and Celiac, through the roof? What gives? 
People have choices in what they eat, so you can't blame The Medical Community because they just treat symptoms. One look at a fast food drive-thru at lunchtime and the aisles of grain laden products lining the shelves of today's modern supermarket tells you what choices are being made. Pharmaceutical Companies? Hey, can't blame them either. Disease management is big, big profitable business. Even if they do turn conditions like heartburn into Acid Reflux Disease in order to research/develop/market a drug, that is capitalism at don't have to buy their product. The Diet Industry, with their continual repackaged message of calorie restriction & avoid fat mentality hasn't changed in years, so there's no surprise they're still in business. The Government and their illustrious Food Pyramid? C'mon, they can't even run a post office or balance a budget, what makes you think they know anything about Nutrition? Oh, forgot about crop subsidies!

I don't know a single person who does not want to be healthy but ultimately it's a personal choice to move forward with health and much of it begins with ignoring conventional thought. We as a culture have been led astray from our primal rooted eating habits that have worked just fine for the past 2.5 million years. No one wants to be part of the sickness statistics, but the foods being recommended and eaten in today's culture are directing the majority of the population on to those lists.
The scientific facts of consuming excess sugar, starch, and wheat are responsible for the current state of public health AND, it lets you know that what is being recommended isn't working.

To quote Jack Kruse: "Maybe we need to stop making excuses for what we believe to be true and understand what really is true regardless of the implications it draws."
I can honestly tell you, after countless hours of research, that true health begins with giving up three foods, first and foremost: Grains, Dairy, and Refined Sugars
. Deciding when to implement the strategies to live a life of optimal health, enjoy a pain-free, disease-free, strong and lean body is up to you. The Urban Caveman site is dedicated to relaying the information and lend a hand in your journey toward optimal health. 
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Making a Killer SaladOrganic Girl
Salads make a great meal an eating a bit of raw food every day is a good idea. It's easy to grab a tub of great greens, usually there is tuna, some frozen shrimp, or leftover chicken in the fridge to pile on top, and concocting a healthy dressing,
(read about that  
HERE), is simple and easy. And, almost every restaurant in the country has a version of a grilled chicken salad.
Systemic Inflammation


If you needed one more smoking gun against eating grains, dairy, beans, and the wrong vegetable oils, this is it: Systemic Inflammation. Believe or not, your body senses pro-inflammatory foods, like wheat, as invaders and responds by mounting an immune system attack.


Certain chemical messengers are released and the result is inflammation and swelling of tissue. But unlike the simple immune responses for seasonal allergies or a paper cut, swollen arteries impede blood flow and cholesterol gets stuck in the lining. This is a bad, bad deal. Once again, a diet consisting of only lean meats, vegetables, eggs, fruit, nuts/seeds, and good oils, coupled with consistent exercise, good sleep, and a stress-free lifestyle are your keys to an optimally functioning body.   


The body initiates inflammation to remove harmful stimuli and protect itself. It is a necessary healing process and without it infections and wounds would never heal. There are different types of inflammation: acute, (when you cut yourself), chronic, (arthritis, asthma, acne), and what we are concerned with here, Systemic, or whole-body inflammation. Of massive importance to your health and longevity is continual inflammation of your arteries, which, as stated above, damages and irritates their lining, (the endothelium), impedes the flow of blood and nutrients, and then like crud in your sink pipes, you get blockage. I don't have to tell you what eventually happens when there is arterial blockage.
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Exercise: Machine MonotonyStepmill

Gyms are artificial substitutes for manual labor and the fitness arena is primarily separated into two camps: Cardio and Weights. The newsflash is that there is no difference between Cardiovascular Exercise and Resistance Training. It is ALL Resistance Training, it all uses muscle, and it all uses oxygenated blood for fuel. The myth reaches back and segregates these two types of exercisers: the burn Fat crowd and the Build Muscle crowd. The sea of people on these Cardio machines dominating most fitness clubs clearly show who thinks what. But heck, lots of equipment sells memberships.


Elip thing is, on any given day, I see the same group of this army of exercisers headed to the gym on a mission to burn fat and pretty much do the same exercises every time they go there. And, guess what? They have the same body 10 years later. Most have a specific routine in mind (routine is 'a fixed program' by definition) that begins with the quintessential x-minutes of 'Cardio' warm-up usually on a treadmill, elliptical, cycle, or stairclimber. Although these machines can be used as effective training tools as an interval challenge for a few minutes, people have been convinced that 30-45 minutes of cardio is what they need to burn fat and stay healthy. Nothing could be further from the truth.

- quick & easy

- cheap

- minimal ingredients

- portable

- lasts for days

- highly nutritious

- good fat  

- lots 'o protein

- healthy carbs of your choosing


Don't like fish? With all of these recipes below you can swap the tuna for chicken. Like me, conventional store-bought mayo gives you the creeps with all of that nasty soybean oil and sugar?


That's right, romaine lettuce leaves instead of bread.  
- 2 cans of tuna 
- 2 tbsp mayo 
- 8 almonds or pecans chopped 
- 1/8 cup dried cranberries 
- 1 green onion 
- chopped carrot 
- 2 small stalks celery chopped 

More Tuna Salad Recipes HERE 
 The body, in attempt to maintain a pH of 7.4, draws calcium from your bones to counter the excess acidity generated from eating wheat.

Can you say the REAL cause of Osteoporosis?

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