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April 2012
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Another month gone by and I have run into more and more healthy people who have turned to the Paleo and Primal Lifestyle. Giving grains, beans, refined sugars, vegetable oils, and processed foods the boot yields immediate results...more than any diet of the week can ever provide. Some of these people I have seen regularly and have finally struck up a conversation about exercise, just to find out they have taken a piece of Paleo advice, stuck to it, and seen results. Others are friends I have known for years who came across the information on their own and saw beneficial results quickly. One of my best friends from high school in Canada, Jared Wells, was simply told by his doctor to give up wheat and in his words: "Last year my holistic practitioner recommended avoiding wheat for some seasonal skin issues I have.  I didn't take his advice initially, but then I tried avoiding wheat for a while after your last newsletter.  Man I feel great - skin is improving, mood stability, energy - it all seems to be on the upswing lately.  Almost immediately I noticed less visceral fat, the waist to some extent, and especially under my ribcage.  There's a cardiologist who wrote a book called 'Wheat Belly', I read a synopsis, and in it he documents some of what you are discussing on your website.  You're right too, people who say they are 'fine' don't really realize that their headaches, flabby belly, flatulence, allergies, etc. are probably mostly due to over-consumption of grains.  I liked what you said about legumes
too - makes a lot of sense."
Another friend living in L.A., Conrad Goode, Conradformer All-American football player from Missouri, and starring in an upcoming movie called Watercolor Postcards, began his Paleo journey 8 months ago and has since turned into lean mean acting machine! Or in his own words: "Eating Paleo afforded me lean, hard body I wanted, taking off 25 pounds after knee surgery, to be ready for 10# the camera puts back on you!
Regardless as to how people come across the information, it is evident that the movement to eat as we are biologically designed, and exercise efficiently, is indeed growing rapidly.

The aim of my website is to add and archive articles discussing three areas: Exercise, Eating, and Dispelling Myths. In March, I added many, from Kale, Whey, and some
Recipes, some high-risk exercises to punt from your arsenal, to lengthy research by Loren Cordain on The Western Diet and my own article Insulin
All of this information is designed to create a Paleo database of pertinent topics for you to reference and refer, as a resource handbook of optimal health, living, and aging. Learning about Lipoproteins, enzymes, and hormones is tedious, (and I realize even more so for the reader at times!), but having the right information and facts available to share with someone wanting to make a positive change in their life, or when confronted with absurd nonsense such as: 'whole grains are good for you' is important. These people, still apprehensive to embrace the facts fall somewhere into this quote by Arthur Schopenhauer

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."


Strong ~ Lean ~ Resilient & Pliable
Disease Free ~ Aging Gracefully

-That's Paleo
Insulin Insulin

Understanding the roles of Insulin and being able to control the amount and type of carbohydrates that enter your body is probably the most important concept I can convey on my site. The right amount of Insulin in circulation to do its job for a short period of time is what we strive for. But, the typical human diet is laden with an enormous amount of cheap, nutrient-deficient carbohydrates, and if you eat a constant influx of grain and sugar related products, the overproduction of Insulin is systematically going to erode, age, and disease your body from the inside out...plain and simple. 


If you don't remember anything else about Human Physiology or the absolute vital basis for not consuming sugar and grains, remember Insulin. Memorize these five points, and own them:


1) All carbohydrates eventually get converted to glucose ... blood sugar.

2) Insulin must be released to shuttle glucose to muscle, liver, and fat cells for immediate fuel or later storage.

3) If there is a constant supply of carbohydrates, there is a constant stream of Insulin trying to fill our cells until they get full.

4) When cells are full, and the Carb-Insulin train is still running, bad things happen, including: obesity, diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver disease, just to name just a few.

5) All of this can be prevented through moderate intake of the right carbohydrate sources and maintaining nutrient balance with fat and protein.


Cool Shake Recipes
I have received some great concoctions using my Structure Protein Powder. It is great to see not only healthy and active people using it as part of their fitness regiment, but kids, and the elderly enjoying it as well. Here's one such recipe submitted by Julie Hirons.

Pina Colada

1 scoop of Structure Protein Powder 

cup coconut milk

cup Naked Green Machine

cup pineapple


cup mango

1 tsp coconut oil

1 cup ice

 *Place all ingredients in blender and blend until crushed and mixed.  


And this one from 12 yr-old Shade Hirons: 


Shade's 'slim shady' Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

1 scoop Structure

cup Coconut Milk

1 tbsp Peanut Butter

2 tbsp Hershey's Lite Chocolate Syrup or 1 tsp cocoa powder

1 Ripe Banana

1 cup ice

*Getting a hold of a pound of Structure is easy!
Email Bill at [email protected] for delivery
or shipping options.

It is just as important to incorporate the right exercises into your workouts as it is to eliminate the High-Risk, Low-Benefit ones.
Achieving your goals and seeing results without over-training or injury is the key.
Two exercises that deserve the boot are the Tricep Dip and the Upright Row. Give these links a quick click and toss them from your routine if you're doin' 'em.
The Omlette 


This tasty meal in a skillet is extremely simple to make, can include any ingredients that you like, and is great any time of the day. Chopping up any healthy ingredients, that happen to be lying around, makes for ever changing combinations. The four main ingredients are: eggs, a meat, a vegetable, and a good fat to cook the stuff in.  


The Typical Caveman Omlette: 

3 Eggs


Coconut Oil


This yields: 17g Protein, 11g Carb, 11g Fat

....A perfectly ratio'd Paleo Feast!

Getting Started With Paleo
If came across this email from a friend and are curious about the Paleo~Primal Lifestyle, this PAGE provides more information, the goals of The Urban Caveman site, and how to begin your journey toward optimal Health.
See you next month
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...forward to friends happy & stay healthy
 -Bill The Urban Caveman