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March 2012
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Primal Tools For The Modern Human. The Urban Caveman site is focused on what some describe as the Paleo movement, others as Primal, Hunter-Gatherer, or even Caveman. Regardless as to how you label it, the message is the same across the board: A Lifestyle that seeks optimal health by incorporating the Primal Tools of our ancestors who ate in Biological accordance and were always active. Daily meals of lean meats, fresh vegetables, and fruit combined with some strenuous activity or workouts...what's not to like?!


The Modern Human has come across obstacles, which hinder being active and making the right eating choices. Considering many have jobs that are sedentary, all-to-often poor food choices, families which demand a lot of time, and tons are stressed out and sleep-deprived, you are left with a population that is stretched thin with their health. As stated in my Getting Started article, we have the same body as our ancestors of thousands of years gone by, but now confused.

The confusion stems not only from the myriad of choices we face in the modern supermarket and restaurant menu, but the constant bombardment of misinformation, or more accurately, blatantly wrong information delivered to us on a daily basis. I guarantee, out of 100 people you ask if whole grains are healthy, 99 of them would say yes. Those same 99 people would also say that beans and dairy are dietary necessities and great sources of protein. High Fructose Corn Syrup? It's a 'natural' sweetener, right? Even without doing much research, most people have heard by now that bread, sugar, and starches are not healthy for them. And, upon a little digging into the matter, you can see these foods were in fact not eaten, or meant to be eaten, by humans. I have written articles on each of these foods detailing the factual science and the detriments of regular grain, dairy, bean, and sugar consumption.


In society, the debate goes on but results do not lie. I have come across numerous people, even since the last newsletter, who have embraced the Paleo Lifestyle and begun transforming how their bodies feel, look, and operate. Making a couple of positive changes in your eating habits and incorporating some new type of exercise each week is pretty simple. Dismissing what the traditional media, government, and medical establishment continue to 'say' and 'recommend' is healthy is the hard part. If you're new to Paleo or wonder what it's all about, visit my website and dig around the info. Thanks for taking the time to read, feel free to email me input, questions or suggestions, and please forward to your friends and have them sign up for the next newsletter.

-Bill The Urban Caveman
Jack Lalanne
Jack LaLanne

Daily exercise and responsible eating habits are the two most important habits in acquiring and maintaining an optimum body. In addition to my article on the topic, I've recently begun adding exercises to the site. Some are suggestions and descriptions of exercises to add to your workout arsenal without getting too explicit and detailed with instructions. Since there are too many individual components to take into account that are not available over the web, (goals, age, bodily makeup, limitations, capabilities, movement patterns, etc.), most articles are with brief analysis and often contain a video depicting correct form, tips, and variations....with guest exercisers! This one on Pushups is an example. Other articles analyze the detriments to the body of commonly performed exercises, which have been done for years, from a risk and benefit perspective. These high-risk exercises, (many times under the direction of a personal trainer), are being performed to no end ...with no results...except pain and degeneration. The gym is still full of the 'No Pain-No Gain' attitude which should be flipped to 'No Brain-No Gain.'

Choosing the right exercise strategy for your goals is important. Check the website for more exercise analysis content being added frequently. 


"Just because an exercise has been done for years does not make it safe or effective" -Tom Purvis

Grain Grain Rant ... part deux
It's been a while since I vented on grains but it's usually the first topic to come up when somebody asks me: 'What's this Paleo thing all about anyway?' Plus, it's the most often consumed damaging food and they're just so darn fun to pick on! So, here's some new stuff, some old stuff reiterated, and general facts about the problems with grain.


Success With PaleoShawne FD
I would like to introduce my friend Quentin Hammontree. In addition to winning Fireman of the Year in the City of Shawnee, he is an avid exerciser who has carved out a great body for himself and embraces the Paleo Lifestyle. He has shared his knowledge and dedication to optimal health and fitness with his co-workers and friends with amazing results.
I recently sat down with him to get his perspectives on the Paleo Lifestyle.
I first heard about the Paleo diet from Terri Parks and also from my friend, a co-worker of mine. The Paleo diet started out as an experiment, as I am constantly looking for new workouts, diets, and challenges. The switch was easy, and I struggled the first week, with my energy level seeming less than normal, but after that I actually feel better and have more energy now than before. A typical Days eating starts with a mixed berry smoothie with 2 scoops of protein, lunch is usually chicken or fish with some sort of vegetable, and dinner is usually the same as lunch. I also try and eat 3 snacks throughout the day; two are protein shakes and fruit or nuts. I eliminated everything at once.  I still on occasion have oats in a protein shake or a little brown rice, mainly for extra calories. The biggest changes I've have noticed are that I am much leaner, and my skin feels clean and tighter. I feel great! I had one guy say to me there is a reason we don't eat like the cavemen anymore, "It just doesn't make sense", he said. My response was maybe we should go back to that lifestyle, because if we did maybe we would not be the fattest country in the world, and people would not rely on drugs to make themselves healthier and feel better. I received no response back. 
Share Your Favorite
Shake Recipe

I have received many positive comments about The Urban Caveman's protein powder STRUCTURE and how it has made their morning breakfast decision easy, convenient, and nutritious. Many people are creating their own recipes to make an ultra-tasty shake. Thus, I would love for you to submit and share your best recipe to be judged by an independent, non-biased, blind- panel (me). The winner will receive a 2.5# container of STRUCTURE and be featured in the next newsletter. All recipes submitted will  be uploaded to the site with the creator's name.  




DAIRY comprises a lotmilk
of different foods, in many different forms, from different animals which generates a ton of discussion as to its benefits and detriments.  Milk, cheese, fermented types, butter, whey, are just a handful of the types. Then you have to consider how it's produced and processed: homogenized? pasteurized? synthetic supplementation given to the animal? Throw in organic, raw, grass-fed, to eat or avoid, some not all, or occasionally, and you have more to debate than a Republican Presidential Candidate!
I recently wrote on Dairy which discusses the good, the bad, and the ugly, all while focusing on
two questions:
- Is Dairy good for us?
- Is Dairy Paleo?
                                         Click here to read the article 
Fresh Grill 1


FRESH GRILL is a relatively new eating establishment in the strip center near 133rd & State Line. In addition to the creative salads they have designed, you can concoct your own from a plethora of ingredients. Soups are great, service attentive and always with a smile! Check them out.  

In their own words: "At Fresh Grill, the customer will enjoy a fun, friendly and comfortable atmosphere, combined with farm-fresh natural selections-the answer to the new generation of fast-casual dining. The fashionable salads and soups are healthy, crisp, and prepared with operational simplicity using a contemporary style that will give you the dining experience you will remember and much, much more."  


This recipe is a tasty juice that doubles as a Citrus Vinaigrette salad dressing or as a Marinade for chicken, shrimp or fish.


1/2 cup orange juice
1/3 cup lemon juice

3 tbsn lime juice

2 tbsn saltFresh Grill 2
2 tbsn pepper
1/4 cup white vinegar
1/8 cup cider vinegar

2 tbsn cayenne
2 tbsn basil dry
1/4 cup Dijon mustard
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup olive oil blend


- Puree all, except the oil. 

- Slowly add into mix and blend until well incorporated.

Lets face it, breakfast is a hassle. Mornings start with a dozen things to do, thoughts of daily tasks to accomplish, traffic, kids, the last thing to worry about should be what to eat. For anyone looking to eat healthy, cut down on meal prep time, and take the guesswork out of eating a healthy breakfast, blending a shake is the way to go. Taking a couple of minutes to whip up a shake to fuel and nourish your body is fast, easy, and nutritious.

The Urban Caveman's New Protein Powder 

The typical breakfast is full of cereal grains, starch and sugars, which are deficient in nutrients and create cravings. With STRUCTURE, you can combine a few simple ingredients to create a delicious blend and complete meal that is highly nutritious, portable, easily digestible, and satisfies your hunger for hours. A high quality protein powder is the cornerstone to a perfect shake and Structure is a blend of 4 different sources that compliment each other to construct the optimal morning meal. Compared to other products on the market offering an all whey or solely Vegan option, (to the tune of $79 in some cases!), Structure is far superior product at considerably less cost. 

A dedicated STRUCTURE website and label/packaging are currently being finalized, but it is available in 1 and 2.5 pound containers at $22 and $54 respectively.  


Email Bill at: [email protected] or call 816.916.7557 

Getting Started With Paleo
If you're curious about the Paleo~Primal Lifestyle, this PAGE provides more information, the goals of The Urban Caveman site, and how to begin your journey toward optimal Health.
Goals of the Urban Caveman


  • Share truthful information to develop strategies enabling you to obtain a body that looks and works as it is suppose to 
  • Challenge conventional thought and dispel myths perpetuated by the health industry, government, and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Communicate complex ideas simply
  • Reformulate the body through responsible and biologically correct eating habits
  • Influence Longevity and Regeneration of the body through efficient and effective exercise                 
  • Acknowledge the importance of creating and maintaining a strong and positive mental state for change to occur and results to last
  • Compile a list of 13 Priorities that are elaborated on in detail to create the foundation


See you next month
...thanks for reading
...spread the word 
...forward to friends happy & stay healthy
 -Bill The Urban Caveman