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February 2012
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Hello, and thanks for welcoming me in to your Inbox. I hope you enjoy the material, are able to incorporate some of it into your own life, and if you do, feel free to pass it on.


This Month's Newsletter, being the inaugural, aims to present the goals of The Urban Caveman site itself plus a few extras. Each month, local restaurants, recipes, fitness persons, and various adventures about town will be featured. Although Kansas City may not be thought of as the hotbed of health and fitness when discussed in circles around the country, upon closer investigation, the parks and wide-open roads make for a healthy and enjoyable exercise environment. Plus, the diverse population offers many eating choices, perspectives, immense knowledge, and incredible talents, all adding to make this Midwest gem a great place to live. I think it's important to recognize those making a difference in our community. Hey, and those of you who are receiving this newsletter elsewhere around the continent, come and visit us! 


Over the past two months since the inception of The Urban Caveman, visitors to the site have been entertained with writings on eating, exercise and myth dissolution. The message is that True Health is accomplished through three areas: Responsible Eating Habits, Consistent and Efficient Exercise, and a Positive Mental Environment. The main thought process behind the Paleo or Living Primal movement is simple: to eat and exercise as our not-so-distant ancestors did and enjoy a life free of disease, stress, and injury, and a body that functions optimally, is strong, and lean. It is a lifestyle, not a diet. 13 Priorities for achieving optimal health and bodily function have been laid out, research topics such as asthma, diabetes, adrenal fatigue, and cholesterol, have been addressed, recipes shared, and plans for efficient exercise have been suggested. Content on the site is growing and the message is being shared.


The days of lying about the benefits of Whole Grains, High Fiber, Dairy, and Fat Free are over. These marketing lingos, taglines, and industries have deceived the public to a state of rapidly rising obesity, diabetes, and systemic inflammation to heights never seen before in the history of mankind. The notion that grains are necessary and fat is bad is preposterous and I challenge any person with even a basic knowledge of nutrition to look me in the eye and tell me that it is true. Given the current state of health in the United States, Canada, and beyond, then looking at the high consumption of grains and refined sugars prevalent in today's culture, combined with a sedentary culture, they are certainly the cause of almost every disease and condition we face.


The good news is that people are listening and questioning information that is commonly portrayed as healthy. Not a day goes by that I do not chat with someone who has made strides living the Paleo Lifestyle. The Paleo movement is on the rise, as attendance at The Ancestral Health Symposium displays, and leading authors such as Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, and others are champions for the cause, having become leading experts not only in the Paleo/Primal arena, but of the health sciences, fitness industry, mental well-being, and motivation arenas as well.


The Urban Caveman is supplying its content to the arena and expanding the base of knowledge regarding food, exercise mechanics and helping eliminate the confusion for others to learn, put in to practice, and share.


The Message is out ... Pass it on !



The Urban Caveman's New Protein Powder

Read more about it here:

A dedicated STRUCTURE website and label/packaging are currently being finalized, but it is available in 1# & 3# containers for purchase, delivery, and shipment.  

Email Bill at: [email protected] or call 816.916.7557 for pricing and more information.


What's A Smoothie?

They have been called many things over the years and a smoothie is one.

Call it a smoothie if you want, but not a meal replacement shake. It IS a meal. This is an easy drinking, easily digested, easily portable, nutrient loaded powerhouse to which unlimited ingredients can be added to keep it interesting. Experimenting with different milks, juices, waters, nut butters, oils, and even vegetables is the best way to put together a repertoire of your favorite combinations. 


By loading a blender up with ingredients such as frozen fruit, coconut milk, fresh juice, and STRUCTURE protein powder, you are guaranteed to supply your body with a host of nutrients to start your day. Not only is it macerated for easy digestion, it is portable, takes seconds to make, extra can be made for later, and most of the ingredients, store easily, do not spoil rapidly and are ready for action at a moments notice. Knowing that you can create a perfectly ratio'd meal in seconds and take the hassle out of putting a breakfast together is a definite relief first thing in the morning.


Read More Here 

Getting Started With Paleo
This PAGE provides information about the Paleo Lifestyle, the goals of The Urban Caveman site, and how to begin your journey toward optimal Health.
Urban Table's Napa Garden Salad


I love salads for lunch. This one is from a newly opened restaurant here in Kansas City, (Prairie Village actually), named Urban Table. Getting your greens, a couple of veggies, and some tasty grilled chicken in the middle of the day couldn't be better. Staying away from the typical lunchtime sandwich, usually loaded with, bread, (a grain concocted of nutrient stripped flour), cheese, (usually an edible oil product or soybean oil), and meat, (loaded with nitrates and tons of preservatives that has been around since the Bush administration), is a Paleo/Primal must. A salad with any grilled meat is a fantastic choice to provide quality nutrients and get you through the afternoon.


Chef Dane Morris at Urban Table took the time to speak with me and he says that this salad is one of the more popular items on the menu and that many people do add grilled chicken to it.


The ingredients are: Romaine Lettuce, Majool Dates, Golden Beets, Roasted Peepers, Goat Cheese, and Almonds, with a Pistachio Vinaigrette. The grilled chicken is marinated with a lemon caper.


Urban Table is located in Corinth at the NE corner   

of Mission & 87th streets.


Goals of the Urban Caveman


  • Share truthful information to develop strategies enabling you to obtain a body that looks and works as it is suppose to 
  • Challenge conventional thought and dispel myths perpetuated by the health industry, government, and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Communicate complex ideas simply
  • Reformulate the body through responsible and biologically correct eating habits
  • Influence Longevity and Regeneration of the body through efficient and effective exercise                 
  • Acknowledge the importance of creating and maintaining a strong and positive mental state for change to occur and results to last
  • Compile a list of 13 Priorities that are elaborated on in detail to create the foundation