Aioli (AKA Fancy Mayo)    

Aioli is actually a traditional Provencal sauce made with garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and egg yolks. Today, we know it as a pungent garlic mayonnaise that lends itself to as many variations as your creativity can come up with. Add flair to your cooking with this versatile condiment, and try these recipes at home:     


Crab Fritters with Tarragon Aioli


Beer-Battered Portobello Mushrooms with Chipotle Aioli


Tortilla Espanola with Olive Aioli 


Tortilla Espanola  



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We Break for Aioli   
Aioli, or garlic-flavored mayonnaise, is at the top of our list of must-make sauces. It goes great with seafood, grilled vegetables, as a sandwich spread, in pasta or potato salads, as a dip for fried food or a simple crudite platter. But beware of breaking! That's when a sauce separates into its parts of liquid and fat instead of remaining a creamy combination.

A key to success when making aioli (or any other emulsified sauce) is to work very slowly. Plus, we've found that using a whole egg instead of just the yolk helps prevent breaking.

Watch Shelley make our break-free version of aioli in our latest video.

How to Make Aioli
How to Make Aioli


If you enjoy Spanish tapas, you are likely already a fan of aioli. The flavorful accompaniment is perfect with Tortilla Espanola (see our recipe in the left sidebar), Patatas Bravas (roasted potatoes), artichokes, as well anything fried.


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