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Serving Up Healthy  


You could say we're a little obsessed with healthy cooking right now. Last month, we announced two of our chefs are slimming down. We are receiving such overwhelming support for John and Carrie as they continue on their mission to lose weight. So, we're adding even more classes to help kick start you on the road to healthy eating. Our new On the Healthy Side teaches you that delicious tasting food doesn't have to be bad for you. You'll walk away with new recipes like Sautéed Bass with Leeks, Mushrooms and Clams that cut calories without compromising on flavor.     


Weight Watchers      

Weight No More 

Our first round of cooking classes with Weight Watchers were so successful, you won't have to wait around for more. We've added more classes in October, including a session at the Mart. Check out our October calendar for these classes which include a new, seasonal 17 PointsPlus Value menu. 



Decoding Carbs


We're also on a roll with our partnership with Revolution Training Centers. This month's sold out class tackles proteins while October's session will Decode Carbs with Chef John and Revolution's Registered Dietitian Krista Shawron. They'll show you how carbohydrates can contribute to your health, not work against you. 


Thursday, Oct. 11 6pm 

Merchandise Mart   


Tuesday, Oct. 23 6pm

Merchandise Mart   



Gluten Free  

Gluten-Free Gourmet


Dietary restrictions don't have to condemn you to a life of dull food. Learn how to make gluten-free goodies like Herbed Pizza with Roasted Vegetables and Goat Cheese in this class designed for bodies that don't tolerate wheat.



Don't Give Up on Bread

There are still plenty of reasons to enjoy bread, so learn how to make it at home with these upcoming classes. Save yourself a trip to the bakery!

Thursday, Oct. 18 - Friday, Oct. 19 10am-4pm
Merchandise Mart

Sunday, Oct. 21 10am-4pm
Merchandise Mart

How to Bake Bread
This class is offered on multiple days at both locations, so please peruse our October calendar for the best fit for your schedule.

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Welcoming Autumn    

One glance at our new October class calendar and you'll know fall has arrived in our kitchens. After the record heat we've had this summer, our chefs are ready for a seasonal switch and they are armed with crock pots, cast iron and soup pots. 

Fall Harvest Embrace the change of seasons in our Welcoming Autumn class and usher in new ingredients like figs, Swiss chard and celery root. The star of this class is the dessert of Pear and Almond Upside-Down Cake.

All of our 101 classes (Chicken, Seafood, Meat and Pork) have new fall menus featuring the best of the season's bounty. Not sure of what to do with all of these new ingredients popping up at local farmer's markets? Take our Farmer's Market Tour and Cooking Class to tour the Lincoln Square market with one of our chefs and enjoy a fresh meal made with the best the farmers have to offer.

One ingredient that deserves a class of its own is The Great Pumpkin where you'll learn to make dishes like Baked Mini Pumpkins Stuffed with Cheesy Bread Pudding.

Le Creuset It's time to move the Cast Iron and Crock Pot Cookery to the front of the pantry again. In this season's class, you'll learn slow-simmered recipes like Escarole Sausage and Cannellini Bean Stew. The amazing aromas that will fill your home are a bonus!

Of course, we haven't forgotten about the seasonal sweet tooth. Our Fabulous Fall Bakingclass showcases apples, cranberry and pumpkin desserts as well as Chocolate Bread Pudding with Bourbon Caramel Sauce.

View all of our just-released October classes on our website.
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Foodie Alert 

Who doesn't love a good charcuterie plate? You no longer have to trek to a restaurant to fulfill your craving for prepared meat products. Our new class, Charcuterie Made Easy, features approachable recipes that don't require special equipment -or reservations- so you can easily re-create the magic at home. You'll make Chicken Liver Mousse, Pork Country Paté, Hot-Smoked Salmon, and Shrimp, Scallop and Leek Sausage. 

Sunday, September 30  
10am - 4pm 
Merchandise Mart 

Chicken Be a savvy, economical cook and discover how to utilize a whole bird in another new class with foodies in mind: Yardbird: Chicken Butchery. We'll help you break a whole chicken down into serving pieces, make stock from the bones, and perfectly cook the white and dark meat.   

Please note the chicken class is offered during September & October at both locations, so please visit our website to peruse our class calendar for specific days and times.    


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Dude Food

We are celebrating manly fare in October with several classes designed to bring out the inner god in our male cooks. Women welcome, too, of course!

Team Men Nothing says fall and football fare like Grilled Game Sausage with Caramelized Onions and Mustard and Duck-Fat Fries. Learn how to make this deliciousness and more man favorites in our new Dude Food class.

Pub fare doesn't have to be just dogs and tots. Enjoy dishes like Belgian Ale-Steamed Mussels and Truffle Roasted Potatoes in Gastropub Gastronomy.

Impress your friends by using beer in your cooking, as well as filling your pint glass. From Beer to Eternity
features recipes like Sweet Corn and Wheat Ale Fritters with Spicy Beer Aioli.

Wings on Egg Of course, throwing bourbon and beef into the mix really makes for a bachelor fest. Master your grill skills with dishes like Honey-Glazed Grilled Wings and Warm Bacon Potato Salad in our Beer, Bourbon and Beef class.

Up your grilling game with fare like Cumin-Spiced Beef, Onion and Pepper Kebabs with Chimichurri and Couscous in Beef on the Grill.

Experience The Thrill of the Grill and extend your grilling season by learning to prepare Spicy Coconut-Glazed Shrimp and Rum-Glazed Grilled Plantains.

Check out all of our October classes on our website.

The Chopping Block
Girl Power

Ladies, don't lament! We've also got gender-specific classes for you coming up in September and October.

Eating heart-healthy whole grains doesn't have to be a chore when they are transformed into tasty, nutritious dishes like Farro Soup with Tomatoes in Girls Night: Great Grains.

Mexican Casserole Relive the glory days with time-tested classics like Mexican Tortilla Casserole with Roasted Chicken in Girls Night: Cozy Casseroles

Check out all of our cooking classes on our website.

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