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Saving Summer


Summer is officially here! While we are enjoying the plentiful produce at area farmer's markets, it's also time to start thinking ahead. Learn how to "put up" the season's gorgeous fruits and vegetables for later use in our upcoming Summer Canning and Preserving class offered at Lincoln Square on Saturday, July 14 and Saturday, July 28. You'll learn how to can vegetables like Dilly Green Beans. They are the perfect compliment to a Bloody Mary!  


You'll also become a master at pickling. Here are a couple of recipes to try at home on your own to hone your skills.


Sweet and Tangy Pickled Fennel, Orange and Tarragon Salad


Sweet Pickle Relish


Have you seen our video on How to Make Jam? Shelley uses blueberries here but the technique can be applied to other fruit. Plus, learn her easy, no-boil method of sterilizing! 


How to Make Jam
How to Make Jam




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Of Course You Can     

Home cooks are embracing the DIY mentality when it comes to saving food these days. But what's the difference between canning and pickling?

Canning is a method of preserving foods by packing them into air-tight containers and then heating them to kill the organisms that would cause spoilage. Home canning is usually done using mason jars in either a water bath or pressure canning method. We like this Intro to Canning guide from Ball Jars which details the two methods. Canned goods can last in the pantry up to one year. 
Pickling is a method of preserving foods by marinating and storing them in an acidic solution, usually vinegar. In our latest video, Shelley shows the technique of a quick pickle, which produces flavorful pickles in just a few hours.

How to Quick Pickle.wmv
How to Quick Pickle



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Jam with our Kits      

We're making jamming and pickling even easier with our helpful kits.

Jam KitGrow your own strawberries and preserve them with our Strawberry Jam Set, which includes 3 pots, 9 labels, a screw cap, packet of strawberry seeds with instructions and a metal marker. Also included is the recipe for the company's favorite jam. It's a great gift idea - give your homemade jam as a present to your family and friends!




Victory Garden KitStick to savory with our Victory Garden Pickle Kit. This kit makes 16 pints of pickles in four different flavors: Bread & Butter, Kosher Dill, Polish Dill and Sweet Pickles. Also included in the kit are removable decorative labels, pickle seed packet, and template for making lid covers. Get easy and tasty pickles in just 24 hours!


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