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Entertaining Sale Ends  

Don't miss your chance to stock up for this weekend's festivities with the final days of our Summer Entertaining Sale. Save 20% off pitchers, shatterproof glassware, candles and more through May.  
Herb CenterpieceSummer Party Tips

Use potted herbs for an earthy, fragrant centerpiece.

Have an umbrella for daytime shade and lanterns to light up the night.

Offer diners light cotton shawls to ward off a chill in the evening.

Just because it's summer, don't leave soup off the menu. Put cups in the freezer before serving to help keep soup chilled through dinnertime.

Usually scented candles are shunned for dining experiences, but citronella candles help keep bugs away.

Heavy, decorative objects can help keep your perfectly set table from blowing away on a windy day.

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Do you know someone who is serious about learning how to cook? Jump start their kitchen knowledge with our 101 Series: four hands-on classes for $300.

Our 101 series consists of Meat 101, Chicken 101, Seafood 101 and Pasta Workshop. It's all of the basics, on one gift card.


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Get Fired Up for Grilling    


Grilling EggplantWith Memorial Day coming up, many of you will be firing up your grills this weekend. Have you been pining over the latest grilling accessory to add to your collection? Or are you just getting started as a grilling enthusiast and need the basics? Either way, you won't want to miss our June sale: 20% Off Grilling items. Stock up for Father's Day while you're at it. Your Dad will thank you!

Here are some hot products that you can save on next month:

Cheese Melting DomeCheese Melting Dome

This handy spun aluminum dome captures heat to decrease cooking time, reduces flare-ups, and infuses more smoky flavor into foods. Oh, and just perfectly melts the cheese on your burger. $11.95



Beer Can RoasterBeer Can Chicken Roaster 

Admit it, you're high maintenance: you want flavor and moisture, and a crisp exterior. This grill-or-oven roaster lets you make iconic beer can chicken two different ways: use the cone inside of the base or separately. The wide base holds liquid and spices of your choice and may also be used to hold and roast vegetables. $19.95.  


Grill ScraperNeighborwood: The Ultimate Grill Scraper  

Tired of those wire brushes ruining your grill grate? Why not use a wood grill scraper? Wood is non-abrasive and made from maple, which is naturally antibacterial. $19.95. 


Pizza StoneEmile Henry Pizza Stone

The Emile Henry Pizza Stone makes brick-oven style pizzas in ovens and on grills. Heats up in 15 minutes. You can cut directly on the glazed pizza stone without damaging or scratching the surface. The Pizza Stone is easy to clean with soap and water and is dishwasher safe. $50.00.


Grill ThermometerGrill Surface Thermometer

Take the guesswork out of grilling. This handy gadget reads the grill surface temperature to indicate that the temperature is correct for properly grilling, searing or warming. $10.00.  


Knife Set4-Piece Steakhouse Knife Set
Unique contours and timeless beauty come together to create an aesthetically striking steakhouse knife set. These jumbo-sized knives are constructed with finest rosewood and forged stainless-steel for matchless quality. $39.95.


Food UmbrellaFood Umbrella  

Avoid unwanted pests at outdoor gatherings by covering your food and drink simply, affordably and beautifully. $7.50.


Copper SkilletCopper Nonstick Grill Skillet

This grill skillet is double-coated nonstick for superior durability. It withstands extreme temperatures from heat and flame and cleans up easily. A removable soft grip handle gives optimal control and comfort. $29.95.  


Grill BasketChef's Outdoor Grill Basket & Skillet

This tool is 3-in-1! For use as a skillet, deep basket or a grill basket with lid, its unique design creates a smoky flavor infusion into your foods. The sturdy, mesh design allows you to sear meats & vegetables without them slipping beneath the cooking grate. $29.95. 

Please note: June's sale does not include Big Green Eggs or their accessories.
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