Just Imagine a Life without Illness - NEWS December 2011
Tom Griffin, MODoherty

Tom Griffin & Michael O'Doherty

Co-founders of Plexus Healthcare System

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Upcoming Training Programmes & Events


Family Healthcare / Level 1 Therapist Training Weekend Programmes


The Woodstock Hotel, Ennis - 21st/22nd January 2012

  Times: Saturday 11am-7pm / Sunday 10am-6pm (Lunch: 1-2.30pm).


For more information & bookings please contact Sharon at 065 6841844; Email: info@justimagine.ie

Taking Control of Your Own Mind - Personal Development Programme February 2012


Learn to Transform Stress into Vitality & Strengthen Your Immune System & Creativity

Cahernane House Hotel, Killarney

Friday evening, 10th Feb 2012

6.30pm  Welcome & Registration

7.30pm  Opening Lecture

8.30pm  Dinner

Saturday, 11th Feb 2012

9am to 6pm Your personal development programme.

Total Cost (incl food/accommodation)  €395
Cahernane House Hotel
Cahernane House Hotel, Killarney
Dr Gabriel Stewart
Dr Gabriel Stewart
Talking to Parents of Children participating
in the Special Needs Pilot Programme
Plexus Special Needs Pilot Programme What Parents are Saying

"He's like a different child"

"It's getting very exciting"

"Words are coming"

"Less tantrums"

"Sleep is brilliant & all night"

"He's got very strong, his muscles have really developed ... the Physiotherapist is very impressed"

"He's going to birthday parties and play dates - something he never did"

"He's got very articulate since August"

"People can't get over the difference in him"

"Confidence has increased 100%"

"She's much more aware"

Monthly Column with RSVP Magazine - In the coming months Michael will be writing a monthly article for RSVP magazine.  Michael and Tina will feature in the January edition of RSVP.
Radio - Tune into Cork's 96fm every Friday morning for Michael's new ot on Neil Prendeville's Programme

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Personal Development Tutor
For Appointments at our Ennis & London Clinics please contact Sharon & Carina
Carina & Sharon
Tel: +353 65 6841844 
Email: info@justimagine.ie
4 Limerick Road, Ennis, Co Clare
Our New Clinic
We have relocated our Ennis Clinic to  4 Limerick Road in Ennis 

Limerick Road

How to find us!
Take Exit 12 off the motorway, Follow signs for Ennis, taking 3rd exit off Clareabbey Roundabout, pass West County Hotel & St Flannans on your left. Straight through traffic lights. We are located next to FourWinds B&B, across the road from CFS Financial Services.



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Welcome from Michael
MODWelcome to our first issue of 'Just Imagine NEWS'. In the coming months and years we look forward to keeping you up-to-date on our news, activities and courses in addition to links and articles relevant to health, healing and well-being.

It's hard to believe that it's almost 22 years since Tom Griffin and I appeared on The Late Late Show demonstrating the effectiveness of Plexus Bio-Energy Therapy.  Little did we know the way that the Irish people and indeed people from around the world would embrace this form of therapy as an effective method in confronting health-care issues.  Since then it has grown from strength to strength and now forms a vital part in health-care within our community.


The success of this therapy is well established within the national and international press.


2011 has been a very exciting year for Just Imagine / Plexus Bio-Energy with the opening of our new clinic in London as well as the launch of our first DVD 'Just Imagine A Life Without Illness'. We have also moved to our new clinic located at 4 Limerick Road, Ennis, Co Clare.


Our Family Health Care weekend programme continues to grow in popularity. We are very proud of this aspect of our work as we believe the way forward is providing families with relevant knowledge and skills, enabling them to have a proactive and preventative role in their family's health-care.


We are equally proud of the large number of therapists throughout Ireland and Europe who have completed our Therapist Training Programme.  These therapists are ambassadors for one of the most successful and exciting Energy Healing and Health-Care therapies in the world.  This also provides them with a very positive and creative career opportunity.


The core aspect of our work, the Energy treatment, which takes place in our clinics, continues to be a very potent tool in changing people's lives. Everyday we have the privilege of witnessing how powerful the energy work is in unlocking the natural healing ability of the body. In 'Just Imagine NEWS' we will be sharing personal experiences of many who have benefited from our treatment over the years.


Through our newsletters, websites, youtube and facebook pages we look forward to linking up with you and reinforcing our belief that with vision, hope and imagination it is possible to overcome even the most difficult of circumstances.






London Clinic Opens 

londonOn June 14th the team here at Plexus joined a host of well-known faces and friends to celebrate the opening of Michael's new health-care clinic in the medical hub of Harley Street, London. It was a wonderful celebration of progress, hope and appreciation, and in particular signified the pivotal role of energy healing in health-care treatment in today's world. The opening of our London clinic marks the culmination of over two decades of hard work, dedication and vision.


Internationally respected dance extraordinaire, Michael Flatley had the honour of cutting the ribbon and later when addressing the guests, recounted how he "couldn't even get out of his chair" before beginning energy healing sessions with Michael. He went on to praise Michael's unique talents, describing him as "not a magician, just a great man."


Along with Michael Flatley and his wife Niamh, we had the privilege of mingling with Cilla Black, Eastender's star Carol Harrison, the Queen's hairdresser Ian Carmichael, Vicky Michelle along with many past and present patients, many of whom travelled from Ireland for this exciting occasion. 


SInce its opening, many of the people who have attended this clinic have regained full health which attracts many top celebrities, sports stars and people from all walks of life.



You can see Michael privately at his London clinic, which is located at
28 Weymouth Street, London W1G 7BZ (just off Harley Street).
For appointments please contact Sharon or Carina at our head office - Tel: +353 65 6841844; Email: info@justimagine.ie  

EnnisOur Head Office is located at

4 Limerick Road, Ennis, Co Clare, Ireland. 

We also hold clinics in Dublin and Cork.  Please contact Sharon for more information & appointments


"Just Imagine a Life without Illness" DVD

Brochure11_100This 55 minute movie follows the story of a number of individuals who came to Plexus Bio-Energy for treatment, recounting their personal stories and experiences and the hope that the treatment offers.


Special digital effects help the viewer to visualise how energy flows through and around our bodies, in addition to lending a greater understanding of how energy treatment works. Using a series of unique hand movements viewers will see how Michael initially locates imbalances in the energy system and then proceeds to rebalance the energy field, unlocking the body's natural healing ability .


Michael outlines his philosophy and the importance of the need for an integrated approach in healing and health-care.  This DVD is inspiring and offers great hope. 


It is now available to buy at our Ennis and London clinics and online at www.justimagine.ie  and www.plexusbio-energy.com Cost €20 (plus postage for online ordering) 
We invite you to watch the trailer to the DVD on YouTube at



Taking Control of Your Own Mind
Personal Development Programme, Killarney, Feb 2012


Learn to Transform Stress into Vitality and Strengthen Your Immune System and Creativity


Fear, Worry & Anxiety have become a huge factor in today's society and if left unchecked, can wreak havoc upon our health. Learning how to effectively manage and transform this stress can mean the difference between being in control, robust, full of life, having hope or becoming susceptible to a weakening of your immune system resulting in Illness.


A personal development programme providing you with leading edge skills enabling you to transform stress into vitality, better health and creativity will take place on Friday evening 10th & Saturday 11th February 2012.


This programme will consist of learning the skills to work with the energy system of your body, understand the importance of diet and exercise for emotional wellbeing and learn to use your mind to create a future you deserve.


The venue for this event is Cahernane House Hotel Killarney Co. Kerry which is beautifully situated on its own private estate on the edge of Killarney National Park, and has been chosen specifically because of its natural surroundings and beauty creating the ideal environment for you to begin the process of taking control of your life.


Friday evening, 10th Feb 2012

6.30pm.  Welcome and Registration

7.30pm.  Opening Lecture

8.30pm.  Dinner


Saturday, 11th Feb 2012

9am to 6pm. Your personal development programme

Total Cost: €395 (including accommodation & food)


Plexus Bioenergy Special Needs Pilot Programme
Learning Difficulties such as Dyslexia, ADD and ADHD are affecting thousands of children all over the world. These children are awaiting proper assessment with regard to their conditions, in the hope that treatment can be provided to enable them to overcome their difficulties. However conventional methods fall far short of understanding the nature of these conditions and children are prescribed medication, which only sedates the child and in no way offers a solution for the real causes of the problem. These issues cause huge amounts of emotional tension for parents and teachers, so a new understanding and treatment for these conditions is urgently required. 

Using a non-drug approach, Plexus Bio-Energy under the guidance of Tom Griffin and Michael O'Doherty has begun to address this need in a very effective way.


These conditions are often the result of shock and trauma which may occur at birth or afterwards, which in turn creates an imbalance in the energy system of the body. This can result in a child experiencing learning and behavioural difficulties.  


Many children have benefited from our integrated approach which involves parents in the recovery and healing process of their own children.


In recent months Michael and Tom together with Anne Darcy, Naturopath and medical doctor Gabriel Stewart have begun a voluntary innovative pilot programme using energy work, corrective sound therapy and nutrition as a means to confront these very stressful conditions that many children are now experiencing.   This programme will run for a period of 12 months to assess its effectiveness with a hope of providing parents with a method that can enhance the quality of their child's life.


We are four months into the programme and already the response looks very promising.  This project is called 'Hope for Autism'. We will keep you updated on progress and outcomes in future issues of 'Just Imagine NEWS'. 



Changing Your Life
In Conjunction with 96fm Cork

Recently Michael was interviewed by Neil Prendeville of 96fm Radio Cork, discussing the difficulties that people are now having as a result of the enormous stress due to the present economic crisis.  The response to this programme was enormous and reflected the need for society to be educated and equipped with the skills that will enable them to cope. 


As a result of this, Michael is now commencing a voluntary personal development programme for 40 of 96fm listeners.  The aim of this four week / 1 night per week programme is to teach people how to deal with their stress and help them overcome their fears, worries and anxieties.


Tune in to the very popular Neill Prendeville's 96fm Cork Radio Show for regular updates regarding the progress of these 40 participants.



Margaret & Alannah's Story 

MgtAlannahCrosseOne parent who completed the Family Treatment weekend (and who later went on to qualify as a therapist) Margaret Crosse, says "My daughter Alannah was suffering from muscle wasting in her right hand with pain 24/7 and a lack of energy.  At 15 years of age she was spending a lot of time in bed, life was passing her by.  Alannah was treated in Michael's clinic over 4 days.  After day 2 Alannah could feel relief and by the time we were heading home, she was looking forward to her next visit to the clinic in Dublin.


Over the 4 days watching the treatments and listening to what Michael had to say at his seminar, I decided to book into the Family training weekend programme of Bio-energy because I wanted to help my daughter's health improve by learning how to treat her.  The weekend was a great success for me.  It opened my eyes to how much we can help our families with one weekend of learning.  It was relaxing, very informative and everything was explained in an uncomplicated way.


By attending the weekend it has helped Alannah greatly because I can be her support in between her visits to the clinic.  I found this weekend to be a life changing opportunity for my family and I would highly recommend it to all.  As a result of the training with Michael, my family is in better health.  I don't feel helpless anymore"


Our Training Programmes
Family Health-care - Parents Education One Weekend Programme


More and more people are being forced to re-evaluate their priorities, in particular when it comes to their health. Just Imagine, with Michael O'Doherty is offering parents the opportunity to take control of their family's health with a proactive, preventative approach to health management within the family unit.


This programme is particularly effective on children, and parents can learn simple energy healing and other health care techniques to create better health for their family. Children with special needs like A.D.D., A.D.H.D., dyslexia, autism, exam stress, asthma, eczema and burnout can benefit hugely from this effective method of treatment.


This one weekend programme combines intense practical and theoretical work which covers an introduction to the science of the energy system, the general energy healing programme for parents, active meditation, emotional transformation techniques, basic nutrition and children's healthcare, amongst other topics.


Upcoming Family Healthcare Weekend Programmes

- The Woodstock Hotel, Ennis - 21st-22nd January 2012

Times: Saturday 11am-7pm / Sunday 10am-6pm (Lunch: 1-2.30pm). For more information & bookings please contact Sharon at 065 6841844; Email: info@justimagine.ie


Updates will be posted on our facebook page & website

Therapist Training

Would you like to learn the intuitive, diagnostic and treatment skills of the most successful and exciting therapy available in healing and health care today, and combine these with a unique Training in personal energy management and self-development.


This course is broad and dynamic. Apart from intense practical and theoretical work, relevant time is given towards the Trainee's personal development. This involves exercises, stretching, relaxation, meditation and emotional transformation techniques. Many of the techniques taught are thousands of years old and are now beginning to be validated by the findings of modern scientific medicine.


This course will give you the opportunity to develop a number of unique and very specialized Protocols designed to understand and manipulate the energetic structure of the body and also how to develop your extra sensory ability.


If you are already in the health-care profession such as a chiropractor, massage therapist, counsellor, doctor, Nurse, Sports therapist etc. and would like to enhance your treatments then the Plexus method of Bio-Energy is what you need to learn.

GRADUATES 2011 - Missing from Photo - Diarmuid Tiernan, Melissa Hickey, Madeline Quinn Cronin, Ann Marie Dunne & Olivier Florian


We would like to congratulate our newest Graduates who received their Diplomas in October


For more information on the course please see our website at www.justimagine.ie/training/therapist-training-course/


 DVD Trailer



Michael O'Doherty, Just Imagine
4 Limerick Road


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