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Happy ThanksgivingWe hope this letter finds you all surviving after Alfred came storming in. We all have many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season! Generators, electricity, hot running water and gasoline are just a few. As we all storm into the holiday season, let's not forget about our yards and what wonders an outdoor patio, walkway, wall or pergola can do to brighten our moods!
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Bring the old world elegance to your outdoor living space with an architectural structure! 


Whether it is a pergola to define a room, an arbor to create an entrance or a gazebo to add a graceful focal point. A simple overhead structure gives shade from the sun and yet would allow for an evening of stargazing as well. An architectural feature brings the scale of the great outdoors down to a more intimate size.


Pergolas come in many shapes, sizes and materials. There are many design options and features available for customizing the perfect pergola to suit your project and to express your personal style. Pergolas can be made of wood, vinyl or fiberglass. Contact our designers today to get more details.





Photos of pergolas installed by Bahler Brothers
TIPS OF THE TRADE: Why Fiberglass?
Why choose fiberglass over wood or vinyl?
1.Stability - Fiberglass' strength-to-weight ratio, unlike wood, keeps them from sagging under their own weight. They are not affected by temperature and will not sag in hot climates like vinyl will do.
2.Height strength-to-weight ratio - Fiberglass-reinforced components are stonger than steel when being compared pound for pound.  Because of this, it makes for easy installation without the need of cranes and many workers.
3.Corrosion resistance - Regardless of the environment they are installed in, fiberglass will not rust, corrode or become pitted.
4.Consistency in appearance and performance - Fiberglass components will not twist, warp or bow, offering a uniform appearance that will last the full life of the product.
5.Lower "life cycle" cost than traditional materials - Fiberglass pergolas are mainly maintenance free and provide many years of use due to durability and weather resistant fiberglass components.

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Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

Tom, Brad, Jen and Amanda
The Sales Team at Bahler Brothers Inc