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Fall is upon us bringing us crisp cool days and evenings. Nothing could be better than curling up by the fire on a brisk fall evening or having a cookout with your family and friends. A fire feature is the perfect opportunity to be able to use your patio for a few extra months out of the year. Not only is it adding warmth and comfort to your backyard, but it also adds value. Call us today and let us install your fire pit or fire feature to help you stay warm this fall. 

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Campfire ring or stone fireplace?  

Each one has its place, use and unique features. Bahler Brothers has been creating custom fire pits and fireplaces for over 25 years. Within the past 2 years there has been a strong trend of customers asking us to add them to their backyards. They are a favorite all across America. Because of this, interlocking concrete paver and wall product manufacturers have developed several different styles and packages that are beautiful additions to any patio.  


Fire features have taken on many forms and designs. For instance, a simple fire pit can be used to gather everyone around to roast marshmallows and visit, while a larger stone fireplace with its hearth and chimney makes a stronger design statement. It creates an ambience and conjures up images of intimate evenings under the stars in front of the fire. The fireplace becomes the focal point of the patio design and a major player in the
layout of the outdoor living space.
    Fireplace with patio


fire feature photos
TIPS OF THE TRADE: Leaf Staining
Leaves will stain your pavers but DON'T WORRY...the stains will go away on their own!  The stains should be gone by spring time and most of the time will be gone even before that.  For those really stubborn stains, Techniseal puts out a product called Organic Stain Remover.
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Enjoy the fall season.

Tom, Brad and Jen
The Sales Team at Bahler Brothers Inc