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paver pool patio and retaining wall projectHappy New Year! Welcome to 2011. January is a great time to curl up by the fire and just dream... of what your new patio will look like this summer. Will it have a new fireplace or water feature? How about landscape lighting or a built-in grill?  Now's the time to start thinking about the features to include and to start the design process. Give us a call. We can help.
SPECIAL OFFER: Advanced Design Services
3D sketch of outdoor kitchen and water featureWhile Bahler Brothers has always given free estimates and free hand drawn design sketches, we occasionally run into a project that just requires a more technical drawing. This month's special is for a FREE AutoCAD drawing or 3D rendering (an approximate value of $500). To see more details about our design services Click here.
This offer applies to new projects only. Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Minimum project price of $5,000 required. Expires 2/15/11.
MONTHLY FEATURE: The Design of Outdoor Living Spaces

landscape plan for pool patioNow is a great time to plan ahead and start designing the backyard you've always dreamed of having. Outdoor living spaces, such as patios, become an extension of your home. A well designed patio space becomes a gathering place for family and friends, a focal point in your landscape or an intimate setting for an evening under the stars.

Things to consider when planning a patio:

         How many people will be using the space at any one time?

         Do you entertain on a regular basis?

         Do you want separate areas for eating, visiting, lounging, food prep and grilling?

         Do you have furniture already? How big is it? Table for 4 or a table for 8?

         How does traffic flow from the house to the yard?

         Does the patio need to connect to other areas of the property with walkways, steps or paths?

Enhance the outdoor living experience... by adding a built-in grill or kitchen island. A fireplace always adds a touch of elegance to a patio, while a more casual campfire ring or fire pit gathers folks around. Water features lend a soothing and calming effect to any outdoor living space with the gentle sound of moving water. Extend the hours of enjoyment you get on your patio each day by adding low voltage landscape lighting to create an ambience that can be enjoyed from inside and out.

Interlocking concrete pavers are quickly becoming the paving surface of choice. There are hundreds of styles, colors and design details that Bahler Brothers can customize for you and the way you live your life. We'll work together to finalize the details that will make your project a work of art.pool patio

photo collage of patios by Bahler brothers
TIPS OF THE TRADE: Interlocking Concrete Pavers are a Non-Skid Surface
Most concrete pavers that are manufactured meet the ADA recommendations for slip resistance.  (Pavers with polished surfaces may need to be specially tested since their surfaces can be as smooth as marble).  The manufactured, textured walking surfaces are typically consistent from paver to paver thus maintaining a high coefficient of friction.    Also, most concrete pavers are manufactured with chamfers on the edges of the wearing surface.  Because of these chamfers, should the pavers become misaligned in service, the chamfers help provide a smooth transition from unit to unit.  This reduces the tripping hazard that could potentially be caused.  For the technical specifications on skid and slip resistance from the International Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) please click here.
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