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50% off Fire Pit offer
winter water featureWinter has arrived, and the guys come in singing, "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..." And it really is. The ground is freezing up and our installation season has come to an end. We had the opportunity to work on some really exciting projects this year. We brought in some new talent and were able to take on some new services (water features, landscaping and landscape lighting). Overall, we've had a great year, and we want to thank you for helping to make that possible. We've already started scheduling work for 2011, and there's excitement in the air for the coming season.
kids sleddingThe kids are out sledding, and they just want to warm their hands up a bit. Why not build them a fire in the fire pit out on your patio? Now get 50% off a Fire Pit (up to $500). Have it installed in the spring for enjoyment all year round.
This offer applies to new projects only. Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Minimum project price of $5,000 required. Expires 12/31/10.
MONTHLY FEATURE: Fire Features in the landscape.
fire pit and patioThere is something mesmerizing about a dancing fire.

patio with sunken fire pit areaBahler Brothers has been creating custom fire pits and fireplaces for over 25 years. Within the past 2 years there has been a strong trend of more and more customers asking us to add them to their backyards. 

They have become a favorite design feature all across America. Because of this, interlocking concrete paver and wall product manufacturers have developed several different styles and packages that are beautiful additions to any pit and sitting wall

Fire features have taken on many forms and designs. For instance, a simple fire pit can be used to gather everyone around to roast marshmallows and visit, while a larger stone fireplace with its hearth and chimney makes a stronger design statement. It creates an ambiance and conjures up images of intimate evenings under the stars in front of the fire. The fireplace becomes the focal point of the patio design and a major player in the outdoor living space. Visit our Photo Gallery for more photos.
PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: The Year at a Glance
A sampling of some of this year's projects.

collage of paver and wall projects

TIPS OF THE TRADE: Ice and Snow on Pavers and Steps
snow plow on paver driveway We are constantly getting questions about what to do with snow and ice on our paver and step installations. If the pavers have been installed properly, snow removal is the same as on any other surface. The chamfered or recessed edge of the paving stones allows a snowplow or snow blower to pass right over the paver without damage. We recommend that a poly cutting blade be added to the snowplow, as a steel edge may damage the pavers.
Use caution when using ice melt products on installed concrete pavers and steps. Some products are highly corrosive to the concrete stones and step treads. We recommend using a sand with no additives in it or an ice melting product that has been tested and approved for use on pavers and concrete. Please read the manufacturers instructions and use the recommended application methods.
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We wish you and your family a hope-filled and healthy holiday season.


Tom, Brad and Jen
The Sales Team at Bahler Brothers Inc