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SEPTEMBER 11, 2012
Harry Stark There's little monetary incentive to conserve when someone else pays the bill. So UC Berkeley's new Energy Incentive Program aims to motivate people working and studying on campus to  reduce electricity use. Part of Operational Excellence's energy program, the EIP is  projected to save the campus a sizable chunk of change, as well as to shrink its carbon footprint.

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Speaker at Richmond campus meeting What was described a month ago as "the beginning of a long process of public engagement" has taken another key step, as 100 or so future neighbors of the Richmond Bay Campus got a closer look at just what scientists will be doing when the waterfront facility opens in 2017.

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Charles Townes Remember the Golden Fleece award for big wastes of taxpayer money? Now there's a new national prize, the Golden Goose, honoring scientists who received federal funding for seemingly arcane work that turned out to have revolutionary applications. And the first winner is Charles Townes, the Berkeley physicist who won a Nobel Prize for inventing the laser.  

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CED's Berkeley-Rupp Prize goes to trailblazing women.

Annual tally for regents adds up strengths and challenges.

Claude Fischer on why it matters that people don't answer the phone.

Ethan Elkind on lessons learned from four-decade ride on the rails.

Greater Good Center blog offers survival tips.

J School grad Seth Rosenfeld to talk about his new book.

Undergraduates and grad students in engineering. 

Epidemiologists recognize public-health professor for work on chemical exposure in children.

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Tang Center holding health screenings starting Sept. 12.

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Campus hosts scientific conference on the serious health implications of triple risks.

Retirement Center offers free six-week program starting soon.

Mass incarceration, politics are the topics for talks tomorrow and Sept. 19.

Non-monogamous mice have stronger immune defenses, scientist shows.

Part of ENCODE consortium unraveling the secrets of the human genome.

Environmental-health scientist analyzed data from 2003 fire season in Southern California.

Report from Berkeley Law, UCLA says state needs to do more to encourage their use.

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