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AUGUST 29, 2012
Memorial Stadium field Among its myriad improvements, the refurbished and retrofitted Memorial Stadium features 365 restroom stalls - one for every day of the year. Campus leaders celebrated completion of the $321 million overhaul, in time for this Saturday's home opener, at a news conference Friday. Chancellor Birgeneau called the venue's renewal "a proud and great moment" in campus history.

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Memorial Stadium field For his final back-to-school press briefing, Chancellor Birgeneau turned Thursday's event into something akin to a "state of the university" address. Flanked by other campus leaders, he made the case that despite massive cuts in state funding, the twin pillars of his eight-year tenure as chancellor - access and excellence - are thriving.

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Memorial Stadium field Hot topics and cultural lightning rods, Glass and Guthrie, sublimity and absurdity. It's - what else? - the upcoming events season at UC Berkeley. Hear expert perspectives on healthcare, taxes, the 2012 presidential election. See Philip Glass's opera "Einstein on the Beach." Hear the Simon Bolivar Orchestra youth ensemble. Check out the full schedule here.

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Women's team makes history as first Cal athletes on Pac-12 TV networks.

Two campus courses, one of them expressive, take up the culture and future of food.

J-School profs' take on GOP super-PAC donor under scrutiny 
Investigative journalists interviewed on 'Forum.'
Law-school hopefuls' circuitry catches neuroscientists' attention.     
Temp workers at risk
In California they're twice as likely to live in poverty.

A new look at received wisdom on cholesterol.

Researchers' computer model IDs best molecular candidates.

Business prof compares 'The Politics of Precaution' in U.S., Europe.   
Now you can bring books back to (almost) any campus library.

New center to offer training, scholarship on California Constitution - and new moot court.

Center wins $3.4 million NSF training grant.

Is there a better model for providing students access to electronic books?

J-School to beef up offerings on using data to tell the story.

Campus's ongoing Google-apps rollout promises better IT toolkit.

Besides the new backpack, don't forget tools for happiness, says parenting expert Christine Carter.

Even pros fall prey to new technology's temptations, writes Townsend Center blogger.
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