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JUNE 27, 2012
Alysia Montano The latest Cal-pedigree athletes to make the U.S. Olympic team are runner Alysia Montano, an alum who won the 800 in trials Monday, and water polo standout John Mann, also an alum. They'll be among two-dozen (and counting) people with Cal connections heading to the London games next month, including women's swim coach Teri McKeever and team chief medical officer Cindy Chang. More berths are still up for grabs.  

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Golden Gate Bridge Through the website, anyone can now schedule Solar Beacon - heliostats mounted on the Golden Gate Bridge by UC Berkeley space scientists - to flash sunlight in their eyes, like the glint of the sun off a car's mirror.

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Gardenia Casillas examines child Ever since Coke and chips replaced local foods in village shops, children's teeth blackened by decay are a common sight in the developing world. But by way of simple oral-health education, Karen Sokal-Gutierrez, professor of public health, and Berkeley students have been helping to fight this under-recognized  healthcare problem. 

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Sensor team CO2 sensors for Oakland
Berkeley scientists install first urban network tracking greenhouse gases.

Taking aim at plastic waste
Berkeley is the first university to join an international effort to measure and reduce  plastic footprint.

They aim to cross "valley of death" between  research and commercial viability.

Sandy Barbour looks back at progress in women's athletics.

Labor Center co-authors study on law that is awaiting a Supreme Court decision this week.

Domestic violence expert and alum Jeffrey Edleson returns Aug. 1.

Q&A with psychology researcher Alison Gopnick, who studies babies.  
Five undergraduate women picked for new math/science program. 
History's Tom Brady is honored.

Campus magazines, writers recognized for excellence.
A first: 200 campus communicators gather

Distinguished work by Louise Fortmann. 
Plan changes take effect. 

Trainings scheduled in preparation for migration to new calendar system.

Tell the campus how it's doing.

Berkeley hosts UC-wide forum Aug. 5-7. 
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