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MAY 22, 2012
Image from video Students in professor Dacher Keltner's Human Happiness class (Psych 162) produced short videos this spring showing what makes them happy. The winner, chosen by a panel of judges, is "Bill's Story," about a paper doll who learns about the relative value of wealth, status and social connections. 

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Jason Utas When a fireball exploded over California's Gold Country on April 22, UC Berkeley geology major Jason Utas wrapped up a final exam and headed to Sutter's Mill with friends to look for fragments. Four of them, including Utas, found small pieces of a rare type of meteorite that may have carried the building blocks of life to Earth billions of years ago.

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Lisa Bagnatori Staffer Lisa Bagnatori fields inquiries on housing, job contacts, school and childcare options - even how to locate a good hair salon. Her job is helping potential and new faculty hires find a home base in the Bay Area. "You're creating the village," she says.

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The Berkeleyan kicks back for the summer
Even with 16,000 summer-school students enrolled, much of the campus is taking advantage of the end of the academic year to scale back and recharge for fall. The Berkeleyan is doing the same. Weekly publication ends with today's edition and will resume in mid-August. Look for updates in late June and late July, as news dictates. We'll be around, though, so let us know if news breaks out (email And have a great summer.  


Ana Claudia Arias' research could set a new fashion trend.

EECS emeritus and two alums devise a way to use an MRI to check old gas pipelines.

Blue and Gold gather in the Sierra.

First staff to make the move this fall.

Another record-breaking year for Berkeley.

Interactive resource provides the lowdown on California's "Year of Reform."

John Doar, Boalt '49, wins nation's top civilian honor.

Scholar of housing markets, energy-efficient buildings, homelessness, discrimination.

Special Libraries Association honors Rita Evans for distinguished service.

"Psych Your Mind" plumbs "The Secret Life of Pronouns."

Robert Reich's tough truths for 2012 graduates on "The Berkeley Blog." 
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