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MAY 15, 2012
Chancellor Robert Birgeneau and graduate At an exultant commencement ceremony, Google executive Eric Schmidt told UC Berkeley's Class of 2012 that because of computers, their generation is different -- flipping the old order, they will be teaching their elders. With those words, and more from Chancellor Birgeneau, thousands of newly minted graduates headed out into the world. 

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> Also: Words to LGBT grads from one who's been there 

Person of Interest logo, Alva Gardner UC Berkeley student Alva Gardner hopes to work in the clothing industry, designing for people whose bodies don't fit the "norm." Her concepts include pants with pockets at the knees, where people in wheelchairs, like herself, "could actually use them."

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Sensor being tossed off boat into river A fleet of 100 floating robots equipped with GPS-enabled smartphones took a trip down the Sacramento River in a recent  field test organized by UC Berkeley engineers. The water-monitoring devices hold the promise of transforming the way a precious resource is tracked.  

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Engineers harness viruses to generate tiny jolts of electricity.

Message for the Legislature accompanies rare meeting in the state capital.

Richard Saykally honored for spectroscopy work.

Exchange student has collected more than 5,000 items on "what it means to be Mexican." 
Composting, zero waste and eco-movies win TGIF approval.

Winners named in Center for the Study of Value essay contest.

Annual health event takes place May 23.

Anna Luersson posts a status report  on "Psych Your Mind."

Integrative-biology grad student Ginger Jui reports on "The Berkeley Graduate."  
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