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MAY 8, 2012
Eric Olliff Whether studying Chinese or nature, 2012 University Medalist 
Eric Olliff, UC Berkeley's top graduating senior, has a talent for finding life's lessons all around him. 

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> Medal finalists talk about what they learned at Berkeley  

> Eric Schmidt headlines commencement on Saturday 

Rosemary Joyce, James Vernon, Shachar Kariv, Richmond Sarpong, Berend Smit Hard economic times have attracted swarms of competing schools with glittering offers for UC Berkeley's faculty, but the numbers show that most professors who consider moving choose to stay right here. What is it about Berkeley that's so hard to quit? Five who made the choice explain why.

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Jane Schnorrenberg Jane Schnorrenberg has been dancing since she was 7. And she's not about to quit her day job in UC Berkeley's College of Letters and Science. She is happily balancing work and life, and says, "I feel pretty charmed."

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Academic Senate honors emeriti Robert Berdahl, Marion Diamond.

Lemelson-MIT award goes to Ashok Gadgil, for water purification and cookstove advances. 

Google scholarship honors women in computer science and technology. 

Six redwood logs, made for sitting, celebrate club's 100th year.

18th annual pedaling event is Thursday.
Or, if you'd rather walk, campus marks Cal Walks @ Work day on May 23.
Online survey to inform its future.

Systemwide office headed for Riverside.

Find out about campus drop sites, on Page 5 of the new Bright Green News. (PDF)
Economist Sylvia Allegretto tracks the "real" America.

First a master's in English, then a flight to famed French film festival as a critic.

World's impending water crisis is subject of film, by makers of An Inconvenient Truth.

Berkeley audience eats up obesity lecture by UCSF endocrinologist Robert Lustig.

Along with Thad Kousser, political scientist dissects super PACs on UCTV..

New study shows competition for water is intensifying.

Sediment samples to provide clues to climate change's effects. With video.

Enterprising ideas spring from business school. 
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