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MARCH 13, 2012
Robert J. Birgeneau Robert Birgeneau announced today that he will step down at the end of 2012 after eight years as UC Berkeley's chancellor, saying the campus is on a clear pathway toward a sound future.


"I am deeply grateful to have been entrusted with the profound responsibility of leading this great institution ... through one of the most challenging periods in its 144-year history," he writes in a letter to the campus. 


An internationally distinguished physicist, he plans to stay at Berkeley to teach and continue his research.  


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Child playing with scissors People often wonder if computers make children smarter. UC Berkeley scientists are asking the reverse question: Can children make computers smarter? And their answer appears to be "yes" as they tap the cognitive smarts of babies, toddlers and preschoolers to program computers to think more like humans.

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Vegetables - from Public health is incredibly important to people's everyday lives, but it can sometimes be hard to explain exactly what it is. So fellows in Berkeley's Center for Health Leadership have started a new blog that aims to animate and explain a rapidly changing field on a weekly basis - complete with recipes (kale chips, anyone?) and videos.

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Fair Debt Buyers Practices Act faces legislative action. 

Study says biofuels could actually make climate change worse.

Research discovers much about ghostly particles' multiple personalities.

John Wilton picks up the budget conversation, with five new videos.

Awards recognize innovative information technology in the service of UC.

Dollar signDiversity awards for two
Genaro Padilla: Leon Henkin Citation for Distinguished Service.
Sheila O'Rourke
Sheila O'Rourke: National honor for work with grad students, faculty. 

Talks by statistician Terry Speed and historian/economist Jan de Vries coming up.

Best of the West regional honors for journalistic prowess. 

Grad student offers tips on creating a professional presence online.  $250 gift card for the best monicker for Berkeley's Google mail and calendar services. 
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