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FEBRUARY 28, 2012
Man with cash in both hands The upper class has a higher propensity for cheating, driving illegally and endorsing unethical behavior in the workplace, believing that greed is good, according to a new UC Berkeley study. In one of seven tests, upper-class participants took twice as much candy meant for children than less-well-off people.  

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Man with cash in both hands The manager of Campus Recycling and Refuse Services, Lin King, is working with campus groups, including Cal Athletics, to meet aggressive UC waste-diversion goals. To reduce, reuse, recycle and compost, he says, is not only the best thing for planet Earth, but good for the bottom line as well.

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Man with cash in both hands The campus is rolling out a new social-media app to foster dialogue between students and members of the administration, as well as faculty, staff and others in the campus community. In a new video, Vice Chancellor John Wilton begins the first conversation, about university finances.

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New website brings journalists together to create, not compete.

Interdisciplinary effort takes off with aim of helping innovative new ventures succeed.

Silicon Valley intellectual, visionary.

And more on campus sustainability from the latest Bright Green News. (PDF)

Contributions to service learning recognized.

Sign up for buses to Sacramento to help make the case for Berkeley.

Gift will go toward rebuilding labs, developing a sustainable curriculum.  And why, in an age of privacy theft and risks to data, you should.  

Symposium to honor professor Laura Nader.

Lab and Berkeley scientists work to wring biofuel from common crop.   Labor Center measures disparities. Earth and planetary sciences prof's device measures changes in the oceans.

"Foot-print" talks to Iraq, Afghanistan returnees, now numbering 300.

Puppet in white coat animates "Grad School I Love You, but You're Bringing Me Down."

Undergraduates encouraged to apply for opportunities around the world.

Psych prof Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton on hidden stereotypes.

But they'll be making two big decisions about it anyway, writes law school's Jayni Foley Hein. 
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