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JANUARY 24, 2012
Six upcoming events From a course on the biodiversity of the planet, to the East-meets-West music of the Bustan Quartet, to appearances by notable women with varied voices, diversity in all its forms is celebrated in this spring's attractions at UC Berkeley. New exhibits open up the worlds of Andy Warhol, reclusive artist Ray Johnson and LGBT artists. And that's just the beginning.

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Nicole Lim Berkeley faculty, staff and alumni - and participants from as far away as Alaska - collaborated on a four-day, first-of-its-kind Native American Museum Studies Institute designed to give Indians the tools to "tell their own stories, and to tell the stories from their perspective."

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Sandy wetland Half of all wetlands in the United States were destroyed during the 20th century, but a thriving restoration effort aims to recreate the marshes and other ecosystems lost. A new UC Berkeley study cautions, however, that restored wetlands may not recover to the condition of a natural, undamaged wetland for hundreds of years, if ever.

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Second campus will have benefits for UC Berkeley, chancellor says.

High-schoolers with disabilities, here for the day, counseled not to hold themselves back.

Lifetime-achievement award for engineering professor's work in Darfur.

Donna Brazile, Cornel West headline statewide conference.

Berkeley native helped Stanford MBA program achieve greater ethnic diversity.

Program for faculty and staff opens Jan. 25 with "Know Your Numbers" screenings.

Deadline for nominations is Jan. 31.

Champion of educational opportunity. 
New research tracks amyloids.

Study of girls, by the Center for Weight and Health, defies conventional wisdom.

Study shows benefits to vineyards, gardens.

Evolutionary biologist Michael Eisen talks about microbial mayhem at the East Bay Science Cafe on Feb. 1.

New book from UC Press looks at the contributions of Peter Selz.

Waacking/punkin' and difference explored at Center for Race and Gender on Thursday.

PFA series opens Thursday. 
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