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DECEMBER 20, 2011
Frank Yeary and Robert Birgeneau Thousands of UC Berkeley undergraduates from middle-income families will get a helping hand from a new financial-aid plan hailed by Chancellor Robert Birgeneau as the first of its kind at any public university in the United States. 

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Two people hugging Emotional differences between the rich and poor, as depicted in such Charles Dickens classics as "A Christmas Carol," may have a scientific basis. Researchers at UC Berkeley have found that people in the lower socioeconomic classes are more physiologically attuned to suffering, and quicker to express compassion, than their more affluent counterparts.

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Jane Paris in four views Getting dressed is a daily adventure for überstylish undergraduate adviser Jane Paris. The College of Letters and Science staffer writes about each new fashion statement in her blog, "What I Wore Today."

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Hong Kong businessman, alum and architect for historic building honors father with $15M gift to campus.  Researchers chosen as American Association for the Advancement of Science fellows.

Goldman School's Michael Nacht answers questions about North Korea's future.

Berkeley's Golub Collection dates to the 1600s.

Chancellor's office looks to reward outstanding staff members.

No charge for use on campus-owned devices.

Annual break runs Saturday until Jan. 2; the Berkeleyan will be back Jan. 10.

Filled with meat, they lure elusive weasels out to be studied.    Hubble reveals supernova's companion star.

Bancroft Library archives serve up secrets of restaurant's early days.

Bioengineer Luke Lee is developing a portable chip to help diagnose infectious diseases.

Speeds text analysis and could trim time in the stacks.

Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, honored by California Alumni Association.

Business leader and friend of UC Berkeley.

Prestigious Skadden program helps those headed for public-interest careers.

Braunstein Prize for best research paper in telecommunications.

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