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NOVEMBER 30, 2011
At a special meeting on Monday, the Berkeley Academic Senate voted 336 to 34 in favor of four resolutions ranging from a call for special training for campus police to a condemnation of "the UC Berkeley administration's authorization of violent responses to nonviolent protests over the past two years."

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Also: What Occupy was like for one class of Berkeley freshmen   

Led by UC Berkeley synthetic biologist Jay Keasling, scientists at the Joint BioEnergy Institute have engineered strains of E. coli bacteria that can digest switchgrass and synthesize its sugars into gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, a milestone on the road to developing advanced renewable alternatives to fossil fuels. 

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They say time heals all wounds, and new research indicates that time spent in dream sleep can help. UC Berkeley researchers have found that during the dream phase of sleep, REM sleep, our stress chemistry shuts down and the brain processes emotional experiences and takes the painful edge off difficult memories.

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Students call for tuition relief.  Regents vote to raise employees' contribution to 6.5 percent in 2013.

Multimedia studio offers high values at bargain-basement rates.

Thursday, Dec. 1, at the Tang Center.

Exemption requests due by Tuesday, Dec. 6.
Works by local artists offered for sale.

Second campus forum on the future of public universities is coming up Dec. 6.

Berkeley shares research grant.

A Berkeley Wellness Letter guide.

G. Ugo Nwokeji's work on the slave trade in Biafra wins recognition.

Center for Race and Gender hosts a dialogue on "What Future for Our Youth" on Friday. 

Emeritus professor of mathematics was 76.

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