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NOVEMBER 1, 2011
Woman smoking pot What drives addicts to choose drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, overeating or kleptomania - despite the risks? UC Berkeley neuroscientists have pinpointed the locations in the brain where calculations are made that can result in addictive and compulsive behavior. Their findings could lead to improved treatments for many addictions and disorders.

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Emily DeCory, who lived in boxcar One of the migrations detailed in the Bancroft Library's "California Crossings" exhibit is that of Pueblo Indians who, upon arriving here, were housed in boxcars in Richmond. Bancroft staffer Sam Redman talks about the boxcar village in a KALW radio interview, which includes clips of Berkeley's Regional Oral History Office interviews with Native Americans who lived there.

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My Years at Cal homepage Imagine landing on the Berkeley campus as a new freshman or transfer student. One big question would be, how do you get off to a good start? To help recent arrivals settle in and make the most of their time at Berkeley, the campus's New Student Services has launched a website, complete with to-do lists, videos, weekly polls and links to services. It's called My Years at Cal

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Campus forum looks for a way forward as state support drops. 

Professor David Kirp's five-part plan for putting "Kids First." With audio.

Students and staff design and sew in preparation for Oscar Wilde play.  

Video shows how interactive Web-based tool developed at Berkeley works.

New approach aims to kill biomolecules that survive common sterilization practices.

Crown prince, a Berkeley alum, returns to campus for Transatlantic Science Week.

Wellness Letter sorts through studies on nutrition, aging and the eyes.

Robert Reich says protests have changed the public debate.

Dan Farber asks, and answers, a question many wonder about.

Second benefits info session is Wednesday, Nov. 2.
UC posts plan options

Faculty, staff invited to take a short online survey aimed at improving campus communications.

Tower visits, canceled for two months, resume.

About that quake rumor
Berkeleyside debunks the viral email frightening the East Bay.
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