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OCTOBER 25, 2011
Trees Grad student Greg Goldsmith may have his head in the clouds, but he is firmly grounded in the reality of global warming and the danger it poses to the Central American cloud forests he loves. To spread the word, he teamed up with two artists to capture breathtaking photos and video of a Costa Rican cloud forest and incorporated them into a middle-school curriculum

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Herb Strauss, Joan Cole Need a ride to the doctor's office? A helping hand or a sympathetic ear? If you're 50 or older, Ashby Village may have just the right person for you. The 170-member social network, driven in part by expertise from UC Berkeley, is part of the nationwide neighbors-helping-neighbors Village movement.  

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Also: More stories of village life from campus elders  

Child looking at octopus A statewide survey by researchers at UC Berkeley's Lawrence Hall of Science indicates that elementary school teachers don't have the time or training to adequately teach science. "High-quality science-learning opportunities are only available in about 10 percent of California elementary school classrooms on a regular basis," says lead researcher Rena Dorph.

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Wrongful detentions among Earl Warren Institute study's findings.   Law school report says there's room for solar farms as well as croplands.
Lead author testifies in Sacramento

Berkeley energy symposium attracts a record crowd.

Citation for public health's Selvin
Called instrumental to major's founding.

Free mumps vaccines Friday
Tang Center offers flu immunizations, too.  And more sustainability news in the new TGIF newsletter. (PDF)

Campus to develop pioneering class in the ethics of green chemistry.

Chancellor applauds 2010-11 champions. 
Philanthropist visits science facility that bears his name.

New study co-authored by Goldman School economist.

Plants called cycads weren't dinner for dinosaurs, as thought, scientists show.

Prompted by skepticism, analysis of worldwide data finds temperature rise is real. (PDF)    $2.5 million from the Moore Foundation for effort to track ecosystem change in California.

Desdemona is a collaboration with Peter Sellars, who speaks Friday.

Program will spruce up streetcorner utility boxes with imaginative designs.  
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