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AUGUST 23, 2011
Convocation at the Greek Theatre UC Berkeley is roaring back to top speed with the start of the 2011-12 school year. Thousands of new students are moving in. Summer vacations are over for faculty and staff. Hundreds of events are lined up, and classes start on Thursday. Where to begin? Incoming undergraduates can start with the Welcome Event Calendar and Top 10 list. Or, find all the news on the campus NewsCenter and events calendar.  

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Also: BAM/PFA throws a free pizza-and-movie welcome party for new students. 

Trumpet fish and tiger shark What Google is attempting for books, UC Berkeley plans to do for the world's vertebrate specimens: store them in "the cloud." The campus is leading an effort by four U.S. universities to put information on museums' collections of animals with backbones online for easy use by researchers and citizen-scientists alike.

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Christine Trost and Eva Seto Born of financial crisis, UC Berkeley's Institute for the Study of Societal Issues has cultivated a more collaborative, community-based approach to social-science research. In the process, a rickety old campus building has been transformed into a place where scholars can do more with less.

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Scholar Elaine Tennant takes over.

He'll advise deans, faculty, students.  Families deplore prison sentence for grads.

UC plan for all but high earners, new hires and represented staff.

A first for Cal Dining.   Special recognition program awaits guidelines from UCOP.

More details of UC's proposed policy change.   Sustainability internship funding offered.

Research training applications due

Aug. 30 deadline, required for NIH grants. 
Video shows his towel-folding robot's latest trick with socks.

Broad use of informants, coercion detailed. 

Documentary producer, experts, local leaders here Sept. 6. 

Hearst Museum event marks 100th anniversary of historic Indian recording.

Energy expert shared 2007 Nobel prize for climate-change work.

Graduate, 28-year staffer, shuttle driver.  
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