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JULY 19, 2011
Student speaking into microphone Even before they arrive, new freshmen and transfer students are being invited to contribute to a new "Voices of Berkeley" database simply by recording their spoken language or languages. It's all part of this year's One the Same Page program. The collected bits of speech will help paint a digital map of Berkeley's languages that can be traced across time.

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Student talking with teacher Leaving a familiar life behind to follow an international scholar, student, postdoc or researcher to Berkeley can leave a trailing spouse feeling like an outsider. A new class, "Creating a Fulfilling Life in America," aims to ease the transition by helping  newcomers build community and identity here. 

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Lion on the prowl The decline of large predators and herbivores high in the food chain has had cascading effects in marine, terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems throughout the world, a new study  co-authored by UC Berkeley researchers confirms. It highlights the impact "apex consumers" have on the dynamics of fire, disease, vegetation and soil and water quality. 

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Regents vote to help close the gap left by state budget cut.

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A UC reminder about upcoming increase.  Professor to be cultural-property adviser.  33 never-before-exhibited prints of 1991 Oakland disaster go to BAM/PFA.  

New study tracks L.A. system.

Wellness Letter runs down safety issues.

ROHO wants to record their stories.

Center for Race and Gender co-authors first-of-its-kind study of anti-Muslim sentiment.

New diet likely response to climate change.

New venture by HHMI and partners.

Grants fund oral histories and digitizing.

Employees may be able to reduce their hours. Offers bird's-eye view of construction.   Service to be webcast at Berkeley.

New path for Sproul Hall

Improves access for the disabled.   


Global Poverty and Practice student gets a surprise in Guatemala.

New on the Berkeley Blog: MLB taken to task for All-Star Game decision.

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