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JUNE 21, 2011
California Language Archive map with links Berkeley's new California Language Archive website, the largest collection of indigenous language materials at a U.S. university, is now accessible for free to anyone with Internet access. Links on a map open to a wealth of information and audio clips, for example 51 hours of Wintu songs and talks and a story recited in the nearly extinct language of Nisenan.

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Sustainable fishing boat hauls up its catch Because of Cal Dining's commitment to seafood sustainability, UC Berkeley has just won distinction as the first public university to achieve certification from the Marine Stewardship Council. The MSC eco-label will begin appearing this summer on menus and at food stations where certified fish is served.

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Steve Tollefson, Berkeley Citation winner For 38 years he has shone, and helped teach others to shine, in the classroom. On Monday, the campus honored Steve Tollefson, director of the Office of Educational Development, with a Berkeley Citation in recognition of his abundant efforts to promote teaching and writing excellence at Berkeley.

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New research says two parent figures are better than one.

Study finds a surprise: Preserving rangeland has significant value for California agriculture.

Scientists discover "new neurons" are why intense emotion etches itself into the brain.

Astronomers analyze cosmic drama behind long and intense burst of energy.

UC researchers find it could cut fuel use by some 10 to 20 percent.

CA climate research goes online

Berkeley-developed website,, makes science publicly available.

Construction to improve access.

Campus survey finds non-academic employees satisfied.

Multi-institution consortium to develop more experts to help safeguard the nation.

Emeritus architect selected.

Chemist is one of four scientists pictured.

Photosynthesis expert picked for ambitious research program.

Geri Bergen, '62, was first woman to head a U.S. national forest.

Urges Californians to appeal to legislators to spare UC.

Former state finance leader emphasizes importance to California's economy. (Video) 

J-School's Richard Koci Hernandez makes high art with his lo-fi photos.
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