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MAY 10, 2011
Aaron Benavidez The life of über-scholar and cellist Aaron Benavidez, just named Berkeley's top graduating senior, is nothing short of dramatic - from his impoverished and turbulent childhood in California's Central Valley, to playing the cello in Europe's elite concert halls, to finding his "Ithaca" in the field of sociology.

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   Also: Meet the medal finalists 

Philosophy majors with professor Hubert Dreyfus For centuries, great wits and thinkers have poked fun at the paradoxes and practicality of philosophy. But for a growing number of Berkeley students, philosophy is not only a passion, but a smart career move. The number of undergraduate majors has increased 74 percent in the last decade, and graduates are going into law, business, medicine, technology and pedagogy.

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CAL Prep Class of 2011 CAL Prep, the academic charter high school that Berkeley co-founded six years ago, is about to celebrate the graduation of its first class of seniors. Making the event especially sweet is that all 17 won acceptance to at least one four-year college.

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Townsend Center's Cascardi. G. Steven Martin takes over for Schlissel.

Three Berkeley plots still in the running for LBNL's second campus.  Campuses could charge different rates.

Researchers show how thin layer can lead to ultrafast switching.

Students build an all-solar car

CalSol bound for road race in Australia.

Intel's new switch was born at Cal

3D-transistor research hits the market.
Interview with chip co-inventor Hu.

Native plants being raised as part of ongoing restoration.  Special offer for parking-permit holders.

Pac-12's new media pact

Revenue and coverage expanded.  


24 win BSA management awards 

Ceremony to honor them takes place May 16, noon-1:30 p.m., at I-House. (PDF)   

IT students show off year-end projects.

Snacks, stuff at Sproul 'Energizer Station.'

Move-Out program and more in new campus-community e-newsletter.

Indian, Chinese entrepreneurs find grass greener back home. 
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