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MAY 3, 2011
Hands scratching A new study of itching adds to growing evidence that the chemical signals that make us want to scratch are the same signals that make us wince in pain. Berkeley researcher Diana Bautista, an assistant professor of molecular and cell biology,  says some nerve cells in the skin respond to both itching and pain - and that has huge implications for the treatment of both.

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Scott Shafer, Daniel Ellsberg, Lowell Bergman At a campus forum, Daniel Ellsberg, the man who leaked the Pentagon Papers in 1971, joined experts from on- and off-campus to discuss the balance between national security and free speech. And he made clear that for him, the forum's subtitle - "From WikiLeaks to the Pentagon Papers" - describes a very short line.

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Gymnast on pommel horse As a result of fundraising efforts that have netted more than $2.5 million, Berkeley's men's gymnastics program will go on as an Intercollegiate Athletics sport, campus officials announced Monday. The decision preserves the last of five teams targeted for elimination or reduced status because of budget cuts.

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Work for the common good captures chancellor's and Haas honors.

Scholars in chemistry, history and art history.

Global energy prize for Rosenfeld

Green-tech physicist shares $1 million award.

Education professor honored.

National award for CNR undergraduate.

Faculty acclaimed for environmental work.

Three new NSA members named

High honor for science, engineering. 

Grad student co-authors study.

Why it's better than a camera.

Invertebrate Zoology museum's samples, researchers track amphibians' decline.

China's energy use, emissions predicted to stabilize sooner than expected. 
STC contest winners offer campus tours, help with lectures and apartment-hunting, and more.

More than 50 student teams share $265,000 for devising problem-solving projects. (PDF)

Three Haas team projects win challenge. 

Historic "Lair" deal: 30 percent off.

Upgrade going campuswide over two years.

Locomote for your health on May 18.

May 6-7 concerts for orchestra and chorus.

15 projects to improve campus sustainability.

Former IGS director.

Served as Graduate Division dean, professor in the School of Public Health. 
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