The Berkeleyan: This week on campus
April 12, 2011
Golden Bears high-five Cal baseball is here to stay, after all, thanks to donors who pledged some $9 million to spare the team from the budget ax. "Our supporters stuck with us and wouldn't take no for an answer," said coach David Esquer, who surprised his players with the news Friday at a Tucson hotel.

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Chancellor Birgeneau recently unveiled a strategy to balance the campus's books "by utilizing all of the resources at our disposal." John Wilton, Berkeley's new vice chancellor for administration and finance, explains how administrators plan to meet the latest round of financial challenges in 2011-12.

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"Trudy," the Bot Garden's titan arum Berkeley physicists, using some of the most sensitive detectors available, hope to close "an obvious gap in science" by sniffing out minuscule magnetic fields they suspect might be produced by plants. Their first efforts failed. But they're not giving up.

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Explore Cal on Saturday with some 40,000 friends and 300 events.     More progress, less noise. Photo gallery.

Gates, Hewlett grant for online ed Foundations pledge $748,000 for UC pilot project in online instruction.

New Chevron achievement award

Oil giant teams with CAA to promote science, tech, engineering and math.

Martin White

Astronomer's Guggenheim

Prestigious fellowship goes to Professor Martin White. 

Biologist wins two campus awards
Britt Glaunsinger recognized for outstanding contributions in research, teaching, service.
Energy Dept. gives $25 million to   group led by Berkeley and Stanford.

ScienceInsider Q&A with Richard Muller.

New site lets users find info on California's 130,000 major car crashes from 2000-2008.

Recession-related reversal has implications for nation's workforce, researchers say.
Learning to love gamelan
Class in Indonesian ensemble is one of the music department's most popular courses.
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