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APRIL 5, 2011
map of Bay Area faultlines Leading West Coast seismologists are calling for the establishment of an earthquake early-warning system in California, Oregon and Washington. Wrapping up a closed-door summit at Berkeley, scientists said Tuesday that the now-mature technology would save lives and speed recovery from a large temblor.

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native village On the state's central coast near present-day Aņo Nuevo State Park, a large and politically powerful indigenous village known as Quiroste once played a key role in California's story. A Berkeley-led research team, collaborating with several native tribes, is working there to uncover how California Indians lived before contact with Europeans.

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gun unearthed from Blair Mt. Battleground An Appalachia native proud of his hillbilly roots, doctoral candidate Brandon Nida is doing archaeological research in the West Virginia county that saw the largest labor insurrection in U.S. history. He efforts could help protect the site from mountaintop-removal mining.

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L&S dean of biological sciences leaves Berkeley for Ivy League post in July.
Two "clotheshorse academics" take on race, imperialism and Vogue in their popular blog.
Students, share how UC it!
What has Berkeley been like for you? Take UC's Undergraduate Experience Survey.  A non-binding measure in this week's campus election takes students' temperature on the sale on campus of bottled water.   Remember START? A similar UC-wide voluntary program has been proposed. Berkeley employees are invited to comment by Friday, May 6 at 

It's not too early to start planning for the campus's free open house extravaganza, on Saturday, April 16.

A Berkeley alum returns to campus Friday to discuss the most famous problem of theoretical computer science. 

Physicist Saul Perlmutter will speak on "Stalking Dark Energy and the Mystery of the Accelerating Universe."

Using a new technique, scientists detail the 2.5 million year history of New Zealand's Fiordland glacial valleys. Next up: Yosemite.

California and New York educate the biggest share of international students, says a new economic-impact study. (PDF)  Software developed at Berkeley may one day help doctors base healthcare advice on knowledge of your personal genome. Control a prosthesis through thoughts alone? Scientists at Berkeley and UCSF are working on a way for patients with neurological damage to do just that. 
Nominations are sought for UC's Sautter Award. Deadline: May 20. J-School and Daily Californian named for Mark of Excellence awards.

A philanthropist, food-policy expert, community-builder and homeless organization were honored March 30.

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