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MARCH 8, 2011
Images of brainwaves Scientists have long puzzled over the many hours we spend in light, dreamless slumber. But a new study from Berkeley psychology and neuroscience researchers suggests we're busy recharging our brain's learning capacity during this traditionally undervalued phase of sleep, which can take up half the night.

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Newt Newt season is on at the Botanical Garden's Japanese Pool, which offers front-row viewing of these migratory amphibians and their late-winter mating frolics. Garden director and zoologist Paul Licht's podcast about the critters is online here; he'll lead a newt tour for garden members Thursday.

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Bay Bridge Marwan Nader was a Berkeley engineering grad student when the Bay Bridge was crippled in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. Two decades later, he is lead design engineer of the pioneering self-anchored suspension bridge that is rising just east of Treasure Island.

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Check out the plans and tell your Moffitt story on YouTube.

Burma's pro-democracy leader speaks to students via phone.

Eight East Bay cities join the fray.

Investigative report on autopsies reveals significant problems. Links to video, more.

Emeritus professor, dean of Amazon geography. 

Dan Farber says knowledge may or may not mean action.
View photojournalist's winning entry and multimedia piece.

New tools make it easier for staff, faculty and job seekers to get information.

Regina Benjamin to present her vision of a healthy, fit America on March 17.

Matsui Center/UCB Extension symposium on March 14 assesses president's record. 

Researchers find cause for hope as well as alarm.

Clues gleaned to solar system's evolution.

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