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FEBRUARY 15, 2011
Summer camp science experiment Swimming or science, indoors or out, for credit or fun (or both), summer means camp - and Berkeley serves up a wide variety of offerings that can fit many different interests and needs. Registration is now open for some, and application deadlines are coming up soon.

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Sit-in at lunch counter Landmark laws brought an official end to the system of legal segregation known as Jim Crow in the 1960s. Berkeley professor Elizabeth Abel's new book explores the "visual politics" of a system that shaped experience and perception in  the American South (and beyond) for nearly a century.

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University Chorus perforning The University Chorus is one of Berkeley's hidden gems. It brings together 70 singers - from novice to professional, undergrad to senior citizen - all eager to share their joy in making music. Journalism graduate student (and chorus alto) Sade McDougal chronicles the group in a short video.

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Expansion allows more students to enter "common good" classes. With FAQ 

Egypt: How it happened

Professor Saba Mahmood on the "Architects of the Revolution."
But two others felled by budget crisis.

Report says societal, economic and environmental issues need addressing. 

Internships offered in sustainability and climate change work.   Win prizes, help renovation planning.

Haas MBAs win competition

Research powers real-estate contest win.

Transportation awards for two  

Grad students motivated by Detroit decline. 
Online romance still segregated; Berkeley students weigh in on video.

Research by Haas marketing professor.

Seen as cheaper, easier way to measure Earth's magnetic fields.

Chinks in brain circuitry appear to increase vulnerability to everyday fears. 

CITRIS experts host Feb. 16 showing of man vs. machine battle.

Feb. 16-17 at Pauley Ballroom (Callisto sign-in required for more information).

Angela Davis among speakers at Feb. 19 conference in Student Union. 
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